Shake It Off

Hi there!! I spent all day yesterday feeling like it was Saturday. My brain needs one more day of rest apparently! Would you work extra hard and/or long Monday – Thursday for three-day weekends? I really wish that’s how our culture worked. It would be so much more efficient!

Date Night With Mazen

On Friday night I picked up Mazen from the camp bus and took him on a special date. He left Saturday morning for a 10-day trip, and I wanted to fit in lots of extra time together. His first six days will be in the Adirondacks with Karen doing a grandparent camp through Road Scholar. They’ll be hiking and canoeing and mess hall-ing and smores-ing for the week. I hope I can do something like that with my grandchildren some day. Heck, I think it sounds like a great parent experience too! So long as its glamping and not rustic tent living without bathrooms – haha!

We went to Zinburger for dinner. I had a ahi tuna salad and M had a grilled cheese. And then we each got a milkshake! Chocolate fo him, birthday cake for me.

Morning PT with Gus!

Saturday Farewell

We made Mazen a special french toast breakfast and said our goodbyes.

Bye bye big brother!

Recipe Development

I spent some time on Sat AM making a recipe for Quaker. Coming soon! We all enjoyed the final product for morning snack.

Stroller Walk + Shower + Salad + Nap

Next up I took B on a walk, then took a shower, then had the leftover portion of this big Chopt salad for lunch. We all took naps in the afternoon – it was lovely!

Date Night With My Other Boys

Thomas, Birch and I went out again on Saturday night. We walked downtown (it was juuuuust barely cool enough to walk) and found some patio shade at Zocalo. I was craving their salmon with the goat cheese couscous!

Warm Bacon + Spinach Salad (plus we had gazpacho on the house!)

Thomas’s Ahi Tuna

Salmon + Side of Asparagus

Late Night

After we walked home and put Birch to bed, I went over to our friends’ house for a little party. Remember Tucker the puppy?! He’s a big boy now!

Sunday Breakfast + Run

I was in bed by 11:30 and up at 6:30 with Birch. I had a little yogurt parfait for breakfast (you’ll be seeing this soon!!) and then headed out on a ~3 mile greenway run with an Aaptiv coach. I 100% run harder when I put on Aaptiv compared to when I just put on music or a podcast. I love having a trainer push me!

Gal Time

On Sunday afternoon some girlfriends came over for some wine sippin’ and front porch rockin’. ‘Tis the good life.