Skeleton’s Big Night

We had small expectations for Halloween 2020. We didn’t make many plans for costumes or candy, but I’m glad we scrambled together some the week of because the holiday was a bit more legit than I thought it would be!

Big Boy

Mazen was with Matt this weekend, so I didn’t get to see him in costume, but we had a lot of fun decorating together this week, and I took him to pick out his costume – Link from Zelda!

How great did he do with these spider webs!?

Little Boy

Birchie wore some jammies I had purchased on sale after last year’s Halloween. 

He was very pleased with himself!!

“Twick or tweet!!!”

First peanut butter cup!!

Fitness Room Floor

All day Saturday Thomas and I worked on the fitness room. I can’t wait to show you the big reveal in a few weeks! We have a few more finishing touches to add, but the equipment is in!!

I’ll share all the details about the floor and process in my formal post about it, but the floor was actually super fun to install! I helped Thomas with this job and it went down fast. I did the big pieces and used a hammer to pop them in. 

Thomas did all of the edges, which involved measuring and cutting. 


In progress!

We also organized all of the tools, storage stuff, and junk that used to be in that room and was piled into our middle mud room. We worked until dinner time!


Lunch break was a hand pie from the Pie Chest and a salad.

And cake – right from the cake stand. When we get down to the last big slice it’s every fork for his/her own!

Spider Hunter

After a quick shower, Birchie and I went over to the neighbors for a happy hour hello. They had had some outdoor games earlier and we wanted to say hi!

Pin the spider on the web!

Date Night In

Thomas and I co-cooked a Blue Apron dinner that was FAB! I did a lot of the prep in the morning and we only had to cook the chorizo and salmon at dinnertime. I’ll be sharing more pics of the process in an upcoming post.

Reminder you can get $60 off your first three boxes this fall with my link!

Chorizo mixed with rice, dates, and pistachios

Salmon with Za’atar spices!

With cilantro pickled veggies and preserved lemon yogurt! SO GOOD!

Sunday Morning Pumpkin Pancakes

We woke up to drizzle rain on Sunday. A cozy morning for pancakes! 

Kodiak cakes with pumpkin and pumpkin spice plus Cinnamon Roll Almond Butter from Abby’s Better!

Once the rain cleared, we had fun playing inside and outside!

Hope you had a good weekend. Hold on to your hats – this week is likely going to be a wild one!