Smell The Roses

Somehow in the middle of winter there are roses blooming at the church near our house.

Let us hope that over the past year of hell on earth, culminating with the horrifying events of yesterday, that a flower is about to bloom. Damn, does this country need some changes STAT.

A bright sign of hope amidst a dark winter

Spring is around the corner. The days are long but the months are short.

On a lighter note…

Three are training underpants in our house  : )

These are by Big Elephant are are so cute. We aren’t quite ready to use them full time, but better to have them on hand for when little boys ask for some! When B opened them on Christmas he squealed “UNDERPANTS!” I’m not sure if he knows what they imply, but he was sure excited!

Drink Smoothie, Wear Gloves

How do you drink a smoothie in January? You wear gloves while you hold the glass! (Or use a double walled one ???? )

Two Kinds of Chips

The crunchy salty kind and the crunchy orange kind!

Two Tacos

with beef, peppers, cheese, jalapenos, spinach, crema, and hot sauce!

Well Carved Meatballs

These half meat half veggie meatballs from Applegate are great to keep in the freezer. Applegate sent me a sample, and we enjoyed them so much. I love the concept of diluting your animal product with plants – a great compromise for many people and a boost in nutrition.

Saucy Beef with peppers, roasted carrots and rice

I loved this Blue Apron dish because of the sauce! The peppers and carrots were a fun combination too. 

The Self Improvement Course Bundle

Back in the middle of 2020 I stumbled upon a course bundle for entrepreneurs. It was $100 for access to a TON of courses on everything from growing your Pinterest traffic to productivity in your business. I am still working my way through some of the courses that applied to me, and the value is amazing. I’m an affiliate for The Bundle Co (because I think what they are doing is awesome!). 

The very same company – The Bundle Co. – has put together a self improvement bundle with 75 courses focused on living your best life. The topics range from nutrition to finances to sustainability to stress relief. You have one year to register for each course and lifetime access after that.

This is the last day to invest in the bundle!

Here are the courses inside that I am most excited to take (click to see their “normal” registration pages) and then you can buy them all through the bundle here for $75 all.

The bundle offer ends in two days! Check out all the courses here!

I hope your new year is off to a great start, all things considered…