So Much Wedding

Hi hi hi!!

We just wrapped up an insanely busy weekend packed with wedding festivities, grandparents, and parties. I am literally just coming up for air! And in just a bit I’m heading to Mazen’s school for Field Day.

I have told myself over and over that if I don’t have time to write a post IT IS OK it go a day without posting. In over a decade of blogging, I have rarely missed a post. I suppose the irony is that while I’m considering today a “missed day” you are still reading a post :mrgreen: It’s just not the one I had planned!

I have so much to share from our weekend and need a few hours to sit down and sort through the hundred photos I took over the weekend. So I will be back tomorrow with more!

Chocolate Dough Boy Smoothie

Until then, enjoy this chocolate dough boy smoothie. To get this thick + doughy texture, you just make a smoothie with oats and let it sit overnight. Shake it well (or re-blend) the next day to make sure the ingredients haven’t separated.

This mix is chocolate protein powder, milk, raw oats (usually about 1/4 cup), banana, and peanut butter, blended. I drank half on the spot and the other half I stored overnight in a mason jar. This is the overnight version, shaken, poured into a bowl, with raspberries and Cville Cluster Granola on top.

Hope you guys had a great weekend too!