Spice Up Your Marriage with Date Night In

Work from home, kids at home… how are you keeping your marriage alive? Date night in with Blue Apron is the perfect solution. Get $60 in free groceries on your first 3 boxes with my link below. This post is sponsored by Blue Apron.

Kath and Thomas cooking for Blue Apron Date Night In

The Family Dinner Crazies

Meal times in our house are CRAZY.

With Mazen wanting to play “name that tune” and “guess my number” and Birch running circles shrieking around the the table or asking for “uppy” in my lap while I’m trying to eat, we’re getting up and down so much we are in a game of whack-a-mole!

Sometimes I just want to EAT ya know?! And an adult conversation would just be gravy on top.

kath and thomas cook blue apron in the kitchen

Dinner Dates = Quality Marriage Time

I have actually long said that sharing a kid-free meal is the key to quality time in our marriage.

If the kids are awake, we are always distracted! (No offense, dear children <3)

If we’re chilling out on the sofa in the evenings, we’re often watching a show, on our phones, or reading. AKA distracted.

Dinner dates are my favorite way to connect because we only do two things: eat and talk. (We have a no-phones-at-the-table rule that is also key!) We used to go out just the two of us once a week before Birch came along, and I miss those days!

We’d be back to it but babysitters and restaurant dining aren’t in the cards right now. So we’re not exactly getting the quality time we used to. Pre-pandemic, pre-toddler.

Finding time for a date night can be hard and finding time to cook can be even harder, so Blue Apron has been a great two-for-one date night in solution during this season.

Date Night In

While most nights we have family dinners at 6:00, on Blue Apron nights we’ve been feeding the kids first and doing some cooking while they eat and then having our date night after they are in bed. I can’t tell you how peaceful those evenings are.

Blue Apron offer has a great wine pairing selection! We added some wine to our recent meal box and enjoyed sipping those while we cooked and with the meal. These are ~2/3 bottles so they are ideal for splitting.

6 bottles of blue apron wine on a dining table

We shared the Anthesis Pinot Noir and it was fab!

Blue Apron Recipes are easy to divide and conquer

The Blue Apron recipe cards are great for dividing up tasks and splitting up the prep and cooking. Each step is usually a complete “process” so we divide them up and finish the meal as efficiently as possible.

And if we’re really organized, I’ll do the prep during Birch’s nap so we just have to cook the remaining components when it’s time to go.

Set the table with cloth napkins and pretty flatware.

Light a candle. Make it special!

And if we’re really lucky, we break out a board game for dessert!!! Chickapig for the win!

Spice up your marriage

If you want to spice up your marriage, give Blue Apron a try with $60 off your first three boxes. The two-person, two-meal plan is only $27 a week with this special offer, so get yourself some new recipes, free groceries, and quality time in the calendar!!

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