Spousal (Beauty) Support

Spousal (Beauty) Support

COVID-19 offered an opportunity to deepen our connection with the people we love. Through shared family grooming practices, a new sense of care is created. Having our partners help beautify us also gets them up close and personal with our perceived imperfections and vulnerabilities.

“I started colouring my own hair, with my husband’s help to reach the hair at the back of my head,” says Agnieszka, a Toronto-based interior designer. She’s one of many people who has talked about their spouses having a hand in covering grey.

Beyond connection and care, it’s just been fun.

“I did end up giving myself bangs and also cutting my partner’s hair in my kitchen! It was really fun, especially since both came out great,” says Amanda, a naturopathic doctor.

Samantha, a Toronto loungewear designer, agrees: “I had my boyfriend give me a trim in our bathroom. I keep my hair pretty simple and he has a steady hand, so it was no big deal and kind of fun, actually.”

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