Star Spangled Memorial Day


I hope you all enjoyed a three day weekend. The extra day of family time was so nice.


Thomas and I have really been enjoying our quiet Friday nights at home. Matt has been doing fun adventures with Mazen on Fridays and took him tubing on the Rivanna River! They saw a snake in the water – eeek!

We had porch time with Birchie and enchiladas with a black bean + corn salad for dinner.


After some coffee time and breakfast, Birch and I went on a stroller run and met up with Mazey.

We came home and played Legos/Old Macdonald for a while and had a little lunch before I set out for a hair appointment.



Thanks to Holly for adding in some nice curls!

The boys were holding down the fort! And Mazen had a water balloon fight with Nona!

Thomas invited his friend Kyle and his two kids over for dinner while the mamas went OUT!

The four of us all had fall babies and we hadn’t all been in one room without the babies before!

Carly and I met up a little early and ended up doing the downtown escape room!! We bumped into two of my former soccer teammates and joined their group. They were quite the escape room pros because we got the second best time in the four years the room has been open!

After that we walked to Tavern + Grocery to meet up with Erica and Caroline.

We shared some french fries and kale salad with burata.

And I enjoyed this delicious halibut for dinner.

We also enjoyed some white wine, but we had to cheers with water halfway through dinner as a reminder for four nursing moms to hydrate!

The babies (and two big boys) were all successfully sleeping when we returned home. Thomas and I had some ice cream and watched a show.


Thomas made us special waffles on Sunday morning! I had mine with butter + syrup and an egg on the side.

Mazen and I went on a biking adventure down the greenway after breakfast. We stopped for a honeysuckle break to fuel up on nectar.

Lunch was a salad with leftover fish cakes from Plenty, olives from Lampo, and candied pecans.

I also made some Raspberry Crumble Bars to take to a party later on. These were Pinch of Yum’s recipe and turned out so great!!!

We spent some time working on the house in the afternoon. We hung blackout curtains in Birch’s room (more on that in another post!) and worked on the yard/patio a bit.

Thomas made pizza on the grill for dinner!

We had a sitter come that evening and jumped in T’s four wheel drive truck to head to the country for a bonfire. Note the human height for reference. This was a HUGE bonfire!

America The Beautiful

We had fun talking to friends and enjoying the lovely evening – until it started to pour down rain!


Red and blueberries with drinkable yogurt and peanut butter.

We went to the annual ACAC Memorial Day Parking Lot Workout mid-morning. My favorite workout of the year! It was a super hot and sweaty 45 minutes of jumping, dancing, and sprinting.

We had leftover burgers for lunch!

I tried the new Beautycounter Tinted Sunscreen, which is like a sunscreen foundation for your body! It blends in with a slight tan and helps even skin tone. I am a fan!! I’m wearing the light/medium shade. It can rub off onto white/light towels and cover ups so do keep that in mind. FYI, there is 24ish hours left of the Memorial Day sale to get a free Sun Set with any $125 purchase.

Left Bare // Right Tinted Sunscreen

Followed by more yard/house/family time. I love a good day with no plans! Thomas smoked ribs and we watched Virginia Men’s Lacrosse win the National Championship!

What was the highlight of your weekend?