Stop And Smell The Clover

We love our little nature walks around the block.

And our bike / stroll days at the church

Note the gloves :mrgreen: Mazen stopped to say hi to B before flying away again.

Julie shared some more great ideas of things to do outside with kids in this post!

Rainy days are the hardest, and we had a few this week. Making the best of them with pancakes and forts.

Sheet pan pancakes! I used Kodiak Cakes mix and it turned out great.

Oatmeal bites, pea pods, blueberries, and yogurt pouch for lunch

This smoked tomato and farro salad from Plenty was DA BOMB!! Farro has def been my favorite grain this year. Remember when I was 100% about wheatberries?!

Also remember when I was lifting heavy? My activity level since leaving the gym has been increased (because of warmer weather) but my strength training has really gone down. I am making a point from here on to really work on lifting some. I have the weights and the virtual coach – I just need to pick them up. Please encourage me!!

One thing I have been lifting: cans

If you haven’t heard of Scout & Cellar before, they make “clean crafted” wines that are free of chemicals, made with no added sugar, non-GMO grapes, less than 50 ppm of sulfites, and keto/paleo/vegan. If you care about clean eating, these wines are a perfect fit for you. You can buy one bottle (or can pack) at a time, start with one of the many wine club options, or join to earn money on your own purchases (and your friends’ as well.) After trying (and loving) several wines I ordered from a friend, I decided to sign up so I could get my wine at the best price (so you’ll find an affiliate link).

And what got me most excited was that they have cans! If I’m going to drink more often, I’m doing my best to stick to one glass of wine at a time. I’ve found the best way to do that is to literally only have one glass – from a can! I LOVE things that come in cute individual packages, and so when I learned that they had cans of both bubbly rosé and white wine plus still rosé and white, I had to try them. (Because if you open a whole bottle of bubbles you have to drink it all that night, right?!) So canvenient. All of the white/rosé/bubbly cans I tried have been awesome. Check them out!

I do recommend pouring your can into a glass for the best taste ???? And enjoying with a delicious dinner! I made this pasta with roasted tomatoes, zucchini, spinach, pesto, and goat cheese.

May Flowers

I posted this on Instagram and a handful of people asked me if I was eating chickepeas in my breakfast. Haha – nope, they’re Peanut Butter Balls cereal from Whole Foods! Layered with yogurt, mango, strawberries and blueberries.

More flowers from my mother in law’s garden!!

Memorial Day Sales

Beautycounter Free Gift

Beautycounter is doing a gift with purchase this weekend – spend $125 and get a free full-size product of your choice:

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More sales:
Have a wonderful weekend!