Summer Favorites Round Up

Here is a big roundup of some of my summer finds and favorites from books to towels and white noise.

What I’ve Been Reading

  • Before We Were Yours – Amazing story! Best book I’ve read since Where The Crawdads Sing and The Great AloneThe story is emotional and heart wrenching at times, but it left me thinking and Googling.
  • Two By Two – This was one of my least favorite Nicholas Sparks books ever. I pretty much hated the whole thing. I found the characters very unrelatable, the story predictable, and the ending horrible.
  • Such A Fun Age – In the middle of this one and it’s so good. Very timely because there are threads of race issues throughout. The author does an amazing job getting into the psyche of the characters. It reads like one long stream of consciousness to me.
  • How to Be Antiracist – In the first half of this too. I tend to pick up my fiction at night so my pace is slow, but so far I’m finding it very good!
  • American Dirt – Thomas is reading this now, and so many have recommended.

such a fun age book

Turkish Towels

I am all about Turkish towels for the beach and pool! Wearable towels too. I bought mine from Michael Turk & Co here in Cville (for some reason their site is down, but Facebook works). Mazen has a terrycloth poncho that Karen sewed for him! I ordered Birch one of these for kids on Etsy. They have so many designs and colors! This is the closest I could find to my style.

kath at the pool

Silicone Plates

These silicone plates from Amazon are the bomb. I discovered them at a beach house and found them on Amazon. At 3 for $17, they are a great price!

Travel White Noise

We have two of these – one for Birch and one for us – to use when we travel. This thing is tiny but the white noise is LOUD! There are 11 different white noise options, and I find them all pleasing (sometimes white noise is too harsh for my ears!) It uses a regular USB plug but can also live on a battery for a bit. Highly recommend!

Oyster Watercolor

Thomas’s aunt Nancy has been painting coastal-inspired watercolors this year, with a focus on oysters. I bought one for Thomas for Father’s Day. I just love the colors and gold combination – it reminds me of our wedding invitations! If you’d like to buy one, you can send Nancy a message on Instagram.

The Chicks

Did you know the Dixie Chicks changed their name to The Chicks? *All the clapping emojis* I’ve loved The Chicks since high school and felt they were very unfairly left in the dust by their conservative fan base back in the 2000s. (Remember when I went to their concert in 2016?!) I’m so glad they’re making a comeback, and their new song and video combo is amazing. Watch it here.

dixie chicks quote

Think Clean Set

The new Think Clean gift set is the cutest combo of two of our best selling products in a mini size: the Overnight Resurfacing Peel (great for brightening and smoothing skin) and the Charcoal Mask (great for a weekly detox and gentle exfoliation). You can get the set for free when you spend $100 (perhaps on the Vitamin C serum or new Sheer Face Sunscreen?) and upgrade to a member for $29 (you also get free shipping for a year and 10% back in product credit). And for deals upon deals, get 20% off your first order here. Need some recommendations? Email me through this form and tell me you’re new!

think clean set


After years of using the Apple Podcasts app, I have switched to Stitcher! There’s a big, big plus to Stitcher and that’s the Episode Playlist you see below. What I didn’t like about Apple’s app is there was no way to star or flag a random episode in a podcast to listen to later. While you could tap “play next” if you’re adding more than one you lose track of what’s up next. Stitcher’s playlist feature allows you to keep a running list of episodes you want to listen to and you can see what’s next, decide which one you want next, and remove them easily from the playlist. Game. Changer.

Kyte Sleep Sacks

The softest, coziest sleep sack there is!! Birch has almost outgrown this one, so I have a new one in my Amazon cart. Have any of you tried the kind with feet holes? I would worry his toes would poke out on a cool night or he’d take off socks we put on him. Anyone try this?

Post nap boy <3