Summery Things

New Bathing Suits

I ordered THREE suits from Albion Fit intending to return 1-2 and kept them all! They have the CUTEST suits. I don’t know what is harder to fit on me: jeans or bathing suits. Rarely can I judge from just a look if they will work or not. But I got really lucky on these three.

  1. Hang Ten Crop Top – This suit top fits like a sports bra – I am totally obsessed. I can literally run on the beach in this. And the back is SO cute. Pair with any black bottoms you already own.
  2. Icon Wave Crop – A one-shoulder top with the matching green high-waisted bottom. The top is supportive and snug in all the right places so it doesn’t move around. These are my first high-waisted bottoms. I do think a bikini-style bottom looks better on my figure, but I’m digging the vintage look.
  3. The Maria One Piece – I’m totally obsessed with this suit. It’s perfection. I’ve gotten so many complements on it having only worn it twice. I love that I can pair it with some Athleta shorts and don’t need a cover up.

Birch Can Crawl (And Has A Tooth!)

Just in the past week, Birch has learned to sit up in his crib, crawl across a room (!), popped his first little tooth, AND can wave bye bye when waved to! ‘Twas the week of milestones.

Here comes trouble

3x Soccer

It’s our last week of summer soccer (at least the co-ed team) and I’m so sad! We have 2 co-ed games this week, and I have women’s indoor on Thursday. Summer is my favorite season because the fields are small (8v8) and it’s nice and warm. I’m joining Thomas’s team this fall, and I’m not sure if I’m going to play women’s league again. I wish they weren’t on the same day so I could spread out the love.

Water + Soccer-friendly Sandals

I got these Shade + Shore Sandals at Target earlier this summer because I needed some thong-less flip flops to wear with my socks to games. (Remember the blue stripe ADIDAS sandals everyone had in high school?) These are like Birks but cost me almost nothing on sale. They’re so comfortable that I’ve been wearing them beyond only soccer games (which is why I bought them). I didn’t know until recently that Birkenstock makes the Gizahs that I love in the lightweight waterproof material as well. Much more pool + beach friendly than leather.

Usborne Books

KERF reader Morgan was kind enough to send both of my boys an Usborne book from her shop. Where’s Will is a Shakespeare themed Waldo-style book, and Woodland Sounds is going to be a hit for Birch. He LOVES reading books! Morgan offered to reimburse shipping on any $40+ order you guys place. Find her on Insta and FB.

Buttercream Dream Cream

If I could design an ice cream flavor…oh wait I did! I ordered this from Wonderment and it’s just the best of the best. Sprinkles and chucks of buttercream frosting swirled in. Locals: you can special order pints from Stephanie.

Hello Bello

Moms: I researched Honest diapers and my sister told me about Hello Bello, which is similar to Honest with “conscious” diapers in cute pattens sold by subscription or a la carte (I think at Wal-mart). Plus other things like bubble bath. Founded by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard! I’m trying out a bundle and the diapers are super cute and sooooo soft – like fabric! I will report back.

Noodle Doodle

Just sharing this chilled noodle salad from Plenty with salmon on top. TOTALLY hit the spot last week as a great alternative to leafy green salads.

Happy Hump Day!