T Daddy Time

This time at home has been filled with lots of ups and downs for many of us. As I have stated before, I’m trying to focus on the good. And one of the great silver linings has been having T-Daddy home a lot more of the time. His crew is also at home right now, and while he has been going to his office everyday (he is the only one in his office, FYI) we have loved having him here in the afternoons. We have done some activities as a family, but a lot of the time we each take a turn with the boys so the other can have a little down time. I’ll take them across the street for biking/stroller/rollerblading, and last week he drove them to a private pond near his parents’ house to go fishing!

Fun fact: Thomas helped build this dock in a canoe years ago! He’s going to take Mazen back alone for a longer fishing trip soon.

I got him this Minimeis shoulder carrier for Christmas. We have mixed reviews, but it is a very cool concept! And it was perfect to contain Birch while Thomas helped Mazen fish.

Family Walks

In the afternoons we’ve been taking Birchie on walks around the block. He LOVES to be outside and gets this determined look on his face and walks straight forward as if he has somewhere to be. It’s the cutest thing.

Crafting With Mazen

Mazen is 6x more energetic though, and has 6x the opinions! :mrgreen: He looks like prince charming here but we’ve had our struggles. He’s had a few virtual meetings with his teacher that go SO well, but when I try to do anything remotely academic with him (other than read) he balks. So we’re still navigating the best way to structure our days and have pow-wowed with Matt on some ideas. I’ve tried a freestyle checklist where he get to choose what he does when, but he just does his favorite thing and neglects the rest. I imagine it will take us the whole spring to figure out what might halfway work.

Gardening craft was a hit!

Good Eats

Last week’s leftover ribs with rice and salad.

This Plenty Cville shaved salad with dates and breadcrumbs was fab!

I ordered some more Daily Harvest smoothies and I don’t know why this flavor hasn’t been on my radar. It was SO minty good! Ingredients: banana, spinach, cacao, cashew, peppermint, chlorella, vanilla bean.

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This is a crazy, crazy time.

I watch the news and can’t believe what is happening. I hope you all are ok. Please tell me what’s happening in your neighborhood?