The Bee + The Pea

Look who stopped in for lunch yesterday!

Grammie Buzz + Pea were on their way to Pennsylvania for a wedding, and timed their trip so they could have lunch with Birch and me. (Mazey was on a school field trip, but they’ll be back in a week to see him.) It was weird having them arrive without a single suitcase to carry in!

I had a half quiche from Plenty ready to go, and made a simple salad with grilled corn, goat cheese, avocado, peppers, and homemade dressing to go with.

They were here not too long ago – the last weekend of April – and will be back June 1 to help babysit while T and I go to a wedding!

A lot has happened in three weeks. Birch has gone from an infant to a huge baby!! And mom’s skin started glowing. I had her go sit on the floor of Mazen’s room so we could take the same photo I took candidly of her three weeks ago. What changed? She started using the Beautycounter Overnight Resurfacing Peel and No. 1 Brightening Oil! She was actually pretty skeptical it would do anything for her “mature” skin, but the photos speak for themselves.

She thought she was just being nice ordering some from my sister, but look at her glow!

We were sad to say goodbye, but we know we’ll see them again soon! Mom left some surprises on Mazey’s bed for him <3

Highlights From The Week

Birch On The Move

Birch has started to get on all fours and rocking! These milestones are so bittersweet because I want him to learn new tricks and grow into a big boy, but I know that when we crawls things GET REAL so I would like him to be a potted plant for as long as possible!


Monday: Rest day after a hard soccer Sunday. Just went for a walk!

Tuesday: Mazen forgot his lunchbox so I ran it to the school at 8am with B in the BOB. It was actually a lovely crisp, sunny morning and I was thrilled to have my workout + shower done by 9.

Wednesday: I went for another BOB run on another beautiful day after morning nap. Both days we only covered about 2.5 miles, but that felt like enough distance from start to finish.

Thursday: I was craving a good sweat and tackled an interval workout on the treadmill followed by a 10 minute upper body strength sesh with Aaptiv. Sweat success.

Friday: Today I’m thinking of going to the gym while my sitter Emily is over! I am thinking it will be nice to get out of the house. Maybe I will do a cycle class.

Roots + Reality TV

Hillary brought over Roots salads while we caught up on the Bachelorette. I also saw that Southern Charm’s Season 6 is out but I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet! Looks like somebody is ready for massaged kale.

Ice Cream As A Snack

We walked downtown one afternoon and had ice cream for a snack! Because that’s how we summer. Look at that little face longing for a taste.


B has been eating SO much food! He went from just having a few bites here and there to downing whole pouches. I need to get on the homemade baby food train!

Date Night @ Lampo

Thomas’s mom came over on Wednesday so we could go out on a date. It’s SO nice having family nearby! She is great with Birch and did dinner/bath/bottle/bedtime with ease. We enjoyed olives, kale salad, pizzas, and chocolate mousse!


Overnight Oats with almond butter + Leftover steak salad + Strawberries with yogurt and chocolate

Dinners from Plenty

Coconut Chicken with Pineapple Fried Rice + Homemade Salad

LOVED this one!

Fish Cakes with Lemony Orzo + Broccoli

And chocolate mousse!!