The Best Peloton Instructors

After four months of riding our Peloton Bike, here are my thoughts on the best Peloton Instructors plus my favorite Peloton classes. I had lots of requests for an update on how the Peloton Bike is going in my survey post, so here’s a post about all of my favorites! Peloton is doing two-months free on the app for first timers, so try out some of the HIIT and strength classes!

peloton screen in mirror

We got our Peloton Bike back in September of 2020. You can read all about the why and how in this post with my initial Peloton Review. We converted a dusty corner of our basement into a Fitness Room a few months later, and together these two have been game changers for our home fitness routine.

Was the Peloton Bike worth it?

1,000% yes! 

Neither one of us were big cyclists prior to getting the bike, so you might wonder if we’ve used it more, less, or the same as we thought. While I don’t cycle every day, I’ve used the Peloton bike screen and app consistently five days a week since September. Thomas uses it 3-4 days a week, so combined we’ve been totally happy with the investment. 

last 30 days of peloton workouts

If anything I’ve been cycling a little too much!

This surprises me because like I said, I wasn’t much of a cyclist before. 

But the kicker is that cycling is low impact. Every time I have the choice between something high impact like running outside or doing a jumpy HIIT workout, I choose a bike ride. While high intensity once I get going, easing into a cycle workout has a snowball effect. I start off seated and end up standing and sweaty. 

Low impact cycling has been awesome for my foot

Remember how I had foot surgery in 2005? My foot gets very stiff and painful if I do too much. At the beginning of the pandemic I was walking all.the.time. plus running and some outdoor soccer and my foot went through a very bad phase. (I think I had some acute plantar fasciitis too.) 

Since switching to low impact bike rides 5 days a week, my foot is much, much happier.

Kath on bike sharing best peloton instructors

Stacking workouts has been awesome

I know how awesome weight training is, but I don’t really love doing it as its own workout. 

What I have realized is that I love weights on top of a nice sweaty warmup. Thus, my favorite combination of workouts is a 30 minute bike ride plus a 15 minute weight class. And sometimes a 5-10 minute stretch on top. I used to do this with Aaptiv too. I’m much happier mentally with 20+15+10 over a 45 minute straight though. 

The way the Peloton app asks you if you’d like to add weights or stretch onto each of your rides makes it so easy to add a little extra on. I don’t know if I’d do as much on my own. 

There is also a new way to stack workouts before you even start so they flow seamlessly from one to the other. I haven’t been using that as much because I like to choose in the moment, but the app keeps getting better and better.

Peloton workout summary chart

The Best Peloton Instructors

I know instructors and classes can be very personal, but here are my opinions on the best Peloton Instructors! 

Instructor for when you’re ready to laugh everyday

Cody Rigsby is full of humor and sarcasm. I also love his music – he plays a lot of top pop hits. He’s my favorite for everyday, and I think he’s the favorite of the majority of riders for this reason. His XOXO rides are my fav! 

Instructor for when you want to grind out a super hard workout

Turn on an Alex Toussaint hip hop workout. My favorites are the Club Bangers! The Outkast ride he did with Tunde was awesome. 

Instructor for when you need a positivity boost

Ally Love and Tunde Oyeneyin are both great for days when I need some positive thoughts. 

Instructor for when you want a hard workout with a dose of honesty

Robin’s classes are my favorite when I need to be honest with myself. She doesn’t let you get out easy, and always pushes for your best effort. Robin is the best of the Peloton instructors overall I think! For music + motivation + workout design altogether. 

Instructor for when you need a rest day

Take a country ride! If you see me in a country class, you can bet I’m just there to move my legs and am not cranking the resistance up at all. Ally does country classes : )

For when you want some glitter in your workout

The Jess King Experience or Kendall Toole are both usually wearing glitter lotion and full of dance energy. I will admit that I don’t love a lot of the more “girly girl” instructors but these two I do like!

Instructors for Strength

Adrian Williams and Jess Sims are my favs!

The Best Peloton Classes

I love the bootcamp classes!

As I mentioned above, I have to force myself to add weights in, and the bootcamp classes go back and forth between weights and cycling so that it’s all built into one class. It’s a great way to get a two-for-one workout!

The 10-15 minute strength workouts are great too

These are fabulous to add to a 20 or 30 minute cycle. It’s crazy to me how for years I did hour-long group ex workouts at the gym because that’s all that was offered (well, between 45 and 60 minutes). These days I want my whole workout to be one hour – including a flash shower! 30 minutes of cardio and 15 of strength plus a stretch and a shower is perfect. No more, no less!

But if you need a super fast workout, Jess Sims Flash 15s are awesome!

I love to add these to a short cycle, but they are designed to be an all-in-one workout on their own. Part HIIT, part strength, they are FAST paced and I’m a big fan!

Yoga + meditation + stretch

I’m still working my way through some of these (per my workout summary) so drop your favorites below! I love the 5 minute meditations to end workouts.

Theme Classes

LOVE any theme classes! The Lady Gaga class was epic. Outkast themed ride was great. The Greatest Showman singalong. The holiday classes were awesome. I love a good sing-along! Honestly I think they could do more themed classes!

Working out at home

We got some shades for our fitness room – so nice for those early morning rides when it’s still dark out. 

I thought I would do more rides first thing in the morning, but it’s hard getting out of bed no matter where you go! When my days are super busy or when the kids were home from school, however, it’s great to get a workout finished before sunrise and start the day with a shower.

It’s also great that unlike the gym, Thomas and I can each get in a workout in such a short amount of time. There’s no driving to the gym or time chatting in the locker room so we’re so efficient. You might think that with home workouts we’d be more likely to skip it without the social commitment, but it’s quite the opposite. I don’t know that I have ever backed out of a short and quick workout because it’s just so darn easy. 

I honestly have no idea what we will do when this pandemic ends and we’re cleared to go back to the gym. Thomas says he’s all in (for the sauna and childcare) but I’m not sure it will be worth the cost, especially now that the boys are older. We shall see!