The Crisp Of Fall

I feel it juuuuuust a little!! We’ve had some super hot days, some slightly cooler days, and a few days that start with sweater weather and turn into summer by 3pm. You just never know! One thing we haven’t had a lot of recently is rain, and I’m starting to get a little too used to the sun : )

Porch Time, Park Time

We’ve spent a lot more time outside since the heat has broken (a little). Birch just loves being outside.

He was happy in the swing for nearly 30 minutes!

We cannot wait for our outdoor space to be ready. Probably not anytime soon, but hopefully before winter settles in. I’ve been keeping it somewhat of a secret, but for no reason other than I want to share some good before + afters!

Breakfast Bites

I went to MarieBette to work and had this delicious croissant, egg, and cheese sandwich (which I ate with a knife and fork!) and a capp to go with.

And this Dave’s Killer Bread Pumpkin Spice Bagel was on point with Justin’s Vanilla Almond butter and fresh strawberries on top!

Lite Lunches

A shrimp, arugula, and couscous salad from Plenty. Totally delish.

Breakfast burrito with a side salad

THE BEST farro and sweet potato salad with a homemade salad underneath.

Roots bowl with the Survivor girls!



Happy hour with some friends

I had ONE taco as an app/snack and then a little extra dinner when I got home.


BBQ chicken with roasted brussels and rice

Grilled Burgers on English Muffins with Salad

Another version of homemade burger 😉

Plenty Pumpkin Meatballs with potatoes and peas (and a end piece of bread)

His Highness

Some days I just want to eat his cheeks!