The First Garden Tomato & 4th Of July

How was your 4th of July?!

Did you eat some patriotic overnight oats? Mid-week holidays always throw us off a little bit. It doesn’t feel like a Friday!

We had a pretty low key holiday. Thomas took off of work, which meant I was able to go to a 9:45 workout class at the gym. A true treat! We had family time at home for most of the day, including having a friend over for Mazen, and then headed out around 5:00 for a fun party.

Of course the skies opened up in a downpour as soon as it was time to go, but we got SO LUCKY that we were able to stay outside for the whole (outdoor pool) party. It barely rained despite a formidable forecast and radar dotted with storms.

We had delicious pot luck foods (we brought smoked salmon sliders!) and I had Resee’s pie in a cup on the way home. Birch did SO well staying up extra late.

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After dark, Thomas took Mazen a few blocks away to the park to see the big fireworks. I was happy to put Birch to bed and let them have an adventure.

Summer Pizza Night

Earlier this week we had our neighbors over for a pizza party. Pep + cheese for the kiddos.

And veggie artichoke for the grownups! We use Whole Foods crust and grill this on the gas grill. Thomas has the method down!

We made a little lime + mint drink for the kiddos and used these citrus ice cubes to help keep it cold. It was a hit!

Summer Fruit Love

I cannot get enough summer fruit all of a sudden!! All of the fruits with pits are my favorite – peaches, nectarines, cherries, plums. I’ve been having eggs with all.the.fruit. or yogurt bowls for breakfast.

My New Favorite Granola

Daily Harvest dragon fruit smoothie made with milk and granola on top. (Dontcha love it when the granola sinks to the bottom though!?)

This granola, which we get at Whole Foods, is SO GOOD! The honey + sunflower flavor is 100%, and there are always some clusters on the top that are great for snacking.

S’more Plenty

Grilled shrimp + sausage with the most delicious corn salad

And….S’mores in a jar!! OMG this was sooooo good! Thank you Della for dropping off a special treat! (I missed ordering this while I was at the beach last week.)

Happy Hour

I had an impromptu happy hour at my house, and we opened my second Summer Water bottle from Winc. (The mini drops are here and they are SO CUTE!)

I made pre-wrap headbands for all!

Highlights From Birch’s Week

Rolling across the room

Smashing avocado in there = baby gauc

Story time is the best time!

Art Camp

Mazey was in a cool art camp all week – he made some really creative things – like this scary mask!

Weekend Goal: Swim in a Pool!