The Real Tiger King

We’ve been watching Tiger King on Netflix like the best of them. But you guys know where the real tiger king lives? Right here in our house.

the real tiger king

The Real Tiger King…

… has a lion’s mane of curls and can roar louder than a liger! Here he is looking fierce in the wild.

the real tiger king in the wild

The Real Tiger King can sprint faster than a Cheetah when he’s on a mission. Good luck catching him.

He even sports a Wildcat on his hat.

Nobody messes with the Real Tiger King because when he gets mad, he gets maaaaaad.

We’ve been loving the show, which reminds me a lot of the S Town podcast. I hear there is a Tiger King podcast too! It’s unfortunate that we have no car trips planned for months to listen. Here’s my impression of Joe Exotic and his mullet :mrgreen:

Baby Back Ribs

Is it too far to make a tiger –> ribs joke?!

We had some glorious warm weather over the past week, and Thomas smoked two racks of ribs he pulled from the freezer.


We served them with garlicky beans and roasted sweet potato wedges. Mazen refused to eat them because he couldn’t stand the thought of his fingers getting messy, so I ended up cutting the meat off the bone for him.

Frozen Fish Filets

In other freezer news, we love these frozen fish filets from Whole Foods over a salad.  Easy dinner night.

Three Breakfasts

Overnight oats with blueberries and sunflower butter.

Eggs, toast, orange

Sheet pan pancake with peanut butter + blueberries

“Home School” Update: Kindle for Kids

Did you know there is a Kindle for Kids now?! It comes preloaded with all the parental controls, a million kids books (including the entire Harry Potter series and Mazen’s favorite Big Nate books), and cool daily reading goals and achievements.  Since it’s a traditional black and white Kindle with only books, there are no app distractions like a Fire tablet and the battery lasts a long time. Also it comes with a case and 2 year breakage protection plan. So far it has been GREAT to get Mazen reading. I’m planning to write a longer review post soon!

17 months!

One more thing we enjoyed this week – Birch’s birthday cake from the freezer! Happy 17 months little buddy.

How have you guys been doing at home?