The Return Of Sunflower Butter

Remember when the blog world discovered sunflower seed butter? Nut butter fanatics everywhere went gaga. It was my favorite drizzle for over a year, and I barely ate peanut butter at all.

I think the trend went like this:

all kinds of crazy peanut butter –> almond butter –> multi butters –> sunflower butter –> –> Cookie butter –> full circle peanut butter

When Mazen started preschool, I had to pack nut free lunches for years. He ate so much sunflower butter that he stopped eating it. At the same time, I started buying the Sunbutter brand at Whole Foods so I didn’t have to make a second trip to Trader Joe’s. On my recent trip to TJs I picked up a jar of the original TJs sunflower butter and OMG I FELL IN LOVE AGAIN! It is NOT the same as Sunbutter – it’s way better! Drippier and not as earthy. SB is back.

Also on the breakfast train…

Smoothies galore. And peaches out of our ears. So summery good!

Lunches This Week

There was also a time, I think before I was even pregnant with Birch and into first trimester sickness, where I had lost my taste for salads. I totally lost my salad groove, which was sad because a salad bowl is my favorite kind of lunch.

Smoked Chicken Salad

Well that taste is back! We had really good smoked chicken that Thomas grilled on the egg on Sunday. I put that over a salad with honey almonds, TJs Unexpected Cheddar (you guys were right – it’s awesome!), and a simple homemade dressing with EVOO, dijon mustard, lemon juice, honey, salt and pepper. Extra honey drizzle on top! Plus corn chips on the side.

DIY Roots Bowls

Another day Hillary + Ellen came over for a lunch date. We made DIY Roots bowls! Hillary brought BBQ roasted tofu and sweet potatoes, I made the salad base with greens, avocado, cheese, and tomatoes, and Ellen brought chips, drinks, and cookies! I think dried cranberries and honey roasted chickpeas were also involved. It was an epic salad!

Chip buffet!


We generally have been ordering two Plenty entrees each week and having those on our busiest nights and then doing simple recipes the other nights. Life with two kids is no joke! Especially during the summertime when the neighborhood pack of boys is still running through one door and out the other at 6:00pm.

Ravioli with Peas + Leftover Smoked Chicken

Simple homemade meal. This was TJs lemon ricotta ravioli and it was AWESOME! Especially since I’ve been digging all things lemon zest this year.

Plenty Salmon Kebobs with Couscous Salad

Greek yogurt on the side!

Workout Highlights

Two treadmill runs, two soccer games! All sweat.