The Top 10 Delish Desserts I Make Most 

The Top 10 Hummusapien Desserts that are on repeat in my kitchen! From brownies to cookies to bars and banana bread, this list contains my go-to sweets for any craving. Vegan and gluten-free options!

I’m a self-proclaimed desserts queen, mmk? We have something sweet after dinner most nights out of the week and it’s such a cozy winding down ritual for Jeff and me. We typically finish dinner, put on water for tea (peppermint or rooibos chai), and dig into whatever cookies, brownies, or bars we have on hand while we watch our evening shows.

I wouldn’t have it any other way! Now are you a cookie or a brownie person? Dig in!

Stephanie said: “I just made this recipe and it is off the charts good. I used spelt flour instead and made muffins since they are easier to freeze. New go to staple for sure!!!”

Emily said: “Ok, I raved about them on social media and have to rave here, I love these!! I made them today, had them in the fridge, wasn’t going to eat them since I was too full from dinner but needed to cut them up to give one to the hubs for his work lunch… a tiny sliver fell off of his, I nibbled, and I saw fireworks. Next thing you know, I’m eating my own bar and thinking of a second. The flavors are so, so great!! It was the first time I made my own oat flour (half rolled/half steal cut blended), and they seriously turned out perfect. I could go on but will end with, these will be in rotation in this house. ???? Thank you. Thank you.”

Jennifer said: “Oh my goodness. This is heavenly!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. All your recipes are amazing!”

Kylie said: “OMG these are amazing, I can’t believe the zucchini has the texture of flour and they are so delicious!”

Emily said: “I made these today and they’re awesome! I made them vegan with 1/4 cup pumpkin puree instead of an egg. I don’t have a stand mixer so I just used partially softened vegan butter instead and it worked perfectly. Thank you for this great recipe, Alexis!”

Christen commented: “These bars are A-MAZING!!!! I wish I had doubled the batch– they are that good! Thanks Alexis for another great recipe!”


Kaitlyn said: “I was skeptical about a tofu pumpkin bar, but these turned out AMAZING! I love this recipe, and I’m definitely making this again. Thank you for sharing!”

Do you have a favorite treat from this list? Do tell!