Themes of Summer

Here’s a post about the themes of our 2021 summer so far: cake, pools, games, summer veggies & dogs!

Summer Cakes!

I could not resist getting more cakes from Caked Up Cville!

There were three flavors: 

  • Cinnamon Biscoff Cookie Butter
  • Burfday Cake with Moonrocks
  • Oreo Chocolate

OMG they were so good. Clearly I couldn’t wait to have a bite of the Biscoff! If you look really carefully in the sun you’ll see glitter on top. (Assuming it’s edible glitter!)

Fresh Summery Meals

When we were eating cake, we’ve been eating so many fresh summer meals! Summer fruits and vegetables are my favorite of the whole year. 

Berry Cereal

Salsa Verde Shrimp

via Blue Apron

Egg, Banana, Raspberries

Whenever my meals look scant, it’s probably because I paired them with kid food! This day I ate some of Birch’s rejected whole grain waffle too. 

Chicken with Orzo, Tomatoes, Peppers, and Spinach

also via BA! 

All the Leftovers for Lunch

The grilled sweet potato wedges were the highlight!

Egg Salad at the river!

Blue Apron Turkey Meatloaf 

with roasted potatoes and green beans

Simple Sammie

with hummus, dill havarti, pickles, spinach, turkey and chips. 

Bodos Bagel and salad

Split halvies with Thomas

Bodos for Breakfast

Plain and honey pecan cream cheese!

Yogurt, Berries, Granola!

And Kodiak Pancakes with Cherries

Drinks >>

Electrolytes before soccer. I’ve tried Nuun, Ultima, and Vega Sport and Ultima is my fav.

Canned Wine Reviews

I also teased on Instagram that I’m working on a big review post of a bunch of canned wines. The criteria has to be still (not sparkling) and a “regular” wine (not a fruity / seltzer / mixer thing). I found all of the wines I’m trying at Whole Foods. Leave more recs in the comments! 

So far these two have both gotten big thumbs up!!! 

She Can Rose was great. I really want to try their Sauv Blanc too! 

Dear Mom Wines red – a syrah that I LOVED! They also win for cutest cans. 

Games >>

Thomas and I have been playing board games on the porch in the evenings! Our favorites are the Cville-created Chickapig.

And new favorite – Splendor!

Birch is now into bocce!

The BEST kids book of all time

This is my very favorite book! It’s all about business without actually reading any potty words. The language is so funny!

Jet Setting: New Set from Beautycounter

Beautycounter just launched a TSA-approved version of my favorite anti-aging skincare line, Countertime. It comes in a cute pouch!

countertime carry on

Who is the Countertime Carry-On Set for?

  • The petite set of Countertime is perfect for those who want to try a smaller supply before buying the full regimen or those who need a refillable petite set to take when you travel.
  • It’s a great way to take this line for a test drive. Then if you want to invest in the whole line you can refill these for on-the-go.
  • I will be buying this as an investment for the long term because while they obviously come full of product, the bottles are REFILLABLE!
  • Countertime is ideal for normal, dry, and mature skin types and is not recommended for those with very oily or acne-prone skin. It can be used with sensitive skin (in fact, many have said this is the only anti-aging line they can use!) but spot test first. Remember we have an awesome 60-day return policy if you try it and it’s not a great fit.

Check it out here

Pool & Dog Dayz of Summer