Things I’m Afraid To Tell You 3.0

Things I’m Afraid To Tell You 1.0

Things I’m Afraid To Tell You 2.0

I just re-read the first two versions of this post, and I don’t know if I have anything quite as dramatic to share as the previous two. But I thought now would be a good time to write another rendition of this post because I do have some thoughts swirling around that will feel good to get out on paper, er, typing!

Do you even cook anymore?

Someone asked me recently if I have lost my love for cooking and the truth is: yes I have. You know how there is the saying “Traveling with kids is a trip not a vacation?” I feel the same about cooking with kids at home. Creative cooking is something I like to take my time doing, without distraction or hurry. It’s so hard to come up with recipes when one child is begging to go outside and the other is crying for your attention on the floor (I’ll let you guess which child is which :mrgreen: )

My mission each day is to get food that we all will eat on the table as fast as humanly possible!!! We spend so much time creating meals and cleaning the kitchen for the four of us 3x a day, that when I do have some leisure time the last thing I want to do is go back to the kitchen and make a mess again. I remember having a similar reaction when Mazen was a toddler. I embraced the prep day with gusto (even mincing my garlic in advance) so meals took as little time to cook as possible. But I do know from having an older child that as soon as Birch is safe to play without my eyes on him at all times, cooking will get easier again.

Thomas and I had a lot of fun cooking together before Birch was born, and I know we will get back there. We do still cook a lot on the weekends, but usually we have to trade off watching Birch and that is often my role (because Thomas loves to grill on the weekends – not because he doesn’t love playing with the kids). I’m very glad to have married (another) man who loves cooking, but sometimes that means I let him do his thing and am happy to be the one with the kids. All that to say: please give me some grace while Birch is a toddler. I’ll do my best to focus on recipes that I can make during nap time! (Or kid friendly ones I can throw together while keeping an eye on them, like Sheet Pan Pancakes!)

Birchie Loves Peppa Pig

And that must mean….he has looked at a screen….duh duh dunnnnn. Mazen and Birch have been watching Peppa Pig together! I know some of you will freak because screen time isn’t “allowed” until the age of 2, but I am not worried about a little Peppa Pig. I’m definitely not planting Birch in front of the TV for 8 hours a day. I personally LOVE Peppa, and I think it’s so cute that we have a little show we can watch together. I have missed her since Mazen moved on to all the obnoxious You Tube shows. (Speaking of growing up, guess who has a girlfriend that he has been Facetiming?!)

Things are slowing down around here

In January I was jazzed to wake up at the crack of dawn and get my workday going. I was listening to entrepreneur podcasts and asking myself where I wanted to be in five years and hitting the ground running everyday. My brain was bubbling over with ideas. Over the past month, as our world has turned upside-down, I find myself wanting to slow waaaaay down. That’s partly because ad revenue across all industries has dramatically decreased, so I am not earning nearly as much as I was per blog post. My first instinct was to publish twice as much to make up the difference (which would have been really hard with two kids), but after I took a deep breath in and out, I knew the right thing to do was to step back and know that slowing down right now is ok. I have no desire to stop blogging, but every time I get caught up in the worry of coming up with content week after week, I remind myself that I am the boss here and the pressure is something that I have created.

Beautycounter brings me so much joy

I am SO thankful to have Beautycounter in my life, and I had no idea a year ago it would grow to be such an integral part of my overall online business. At least for the present time, I have been so grateful that I have a second gig that is not tied to pageviews or ads that I can still work from home. I joined the company just over a year ago for two main reasons: to be part of something bigger that I was excited about and to diversify my income. That diversification is helping a lot right now, although I know nothing is guaranteed in this economy. I want to say thank you for each and every one of you who has placed an order through me. Your loyalty is so very much appreciated, and I hope you continue to love your products!

Wine on the weekends got thrown out the window

I am sure a lot of people are drinking more than usual. Chalk it up to feeling like we’re on a staycation or the spring warm weather. Or maybe it’s just so we have something to look forward to at the end of the day. But for the first 3 weeks of staying at home I had wine every night. Then guess what I realized? I wasn’t feeling that great. So I took a few days off and felt better. Past Kath should have reminded Future Kath why she created the “wine on the weekends” rule to begin with! I’ve settled back into the weekday vs. weekend routine with a few weekday glasses here and there.

Lastly: I really, really miss playing soccer. That is all.

Kath Younger, RD

Thanks for hanging with me today!