Things That Sizzle

Hot things from the end of summer!

Summer Soccer

I had so much fun getting back out on the soccer field. I know it’s a bit risky to have contact with ANY humans during this time, but it was one I was willing to take given the outdoors + distance that is *usually* between players. I was so glad to have a social outlet that social distancing is a natural fit for. Summer soccer is my favorite because we play 8v8, but MAN were some of those games hot! 95 degrees on a turf will have you fried. I ended up wrapping a soaking wet bandana around my forehead for one game – it was the only way to stay cool!

Paint By Numbers

Mazen’s latest masterpiece!

Tomatoes from our garden!

Yum yum. I made this little heirloom tomato and fresh peach salad with basil, balsamic, olive oil, salt, pepper, and sharp cheddar for a dinner side one night.

The dinner itself was grilled chicken and local grits!

Greek Lamb Burgers

The sound of Anne’s Greek Lamb Burgers on the grill! We enjoyed this recipe so much – especially the cucumber-lemon-garlic sauce that I had on EVERYTHING.

Birch’s New Ride!

Our neighbors were finished with their Cozy Coupe that they’d had for about 8 years and were going to put it by the curb. It was covered in mud, spiders, and leaves. Thomas pressure washed it (imagine him in sunglasses jamming out to “you see me rollin’” while he washed) and made it almost good as new for Birch!

Take a guess which child tried to play with it first :mrgreen:


Talk about toys getting good use – the train set has been out nonstop!

And OMG the cushions! This poor couch.

Waffle Sizzle

Oh the sizzle of fresh waffle batter going on a hot iron! We had leftovers from the beach that we froze and brought home. How nice it was to have on a regular Wednesday morning! Especially with juicy peach.

Beautycounter’s New Lip Products!

The lip gloss and sheer lipsticks just got a refresh: Beyond Gloss and Sheer Genius Lipstick got a makeover!

Beyond Gloss

  • Nine new shades of Beyond Gloss in new packaging. Beeswax, candelilla wax, and organic carnauba wax provide a non-sticky texture + moisturize, pigments enveloped in castor oil for smooth application and even color, jojoba seed oil for ultra-cushiony wear that stays put without stickiness.

Sheer Genius Lipstick

  • Meet your everyday lipstick. The Sheer Genius Conditioning Lipstick is a conditioning balm that provides a swipe of color. 10 shades with a magnetic closure top. I love the Rosewood color along with Rose and Twig, long-time favorites in brand new packaging.

Both have responsibly sourced organic Vanilla

  • The vanilla industry is historically known for human rights issues. BC’s new woman-owned supplier helps ensure the vanilla used is high-quality and responsibly sourced – it’s ECOCERT-certified organic. Our products are Leaping Bunny Certified as well, and the Sheer Lipsticks are vegan.

If you have any questions or need help selecting a product, fill out this skincare form.

If you’re placing an order over $100, upgrade to Band of Beauty and you’ll get a free full-size charcoal mask and free shipping.

Batman Strikes Again

Following in his big bros footsteps. Do you think there will be Halloween this year????

Tell me what’s hot in your life?