Things To Keep In Your Pool Bag

I’ll be here tomorrow with a recap of our beach trip to the Outer Banks. Until then, here’s a sneak peek into the items I keep in our beach and pool bag to give you ideas of things to keep in your yours – so you’re always prepared and ready to splash! 

I pack our pool bag back up the minute we get home from the pool so it’s ready to go the next time we need it. (Well actually I usually wash our towels first, and then re-pack it!) These are the basics we keep inside so we’re always ready to dash out the door.

What’s In Our Pool Bag!

  1. Scout BJ Bag. It’s huge and has great pockets (six total) and mostly waterproof.
  2. Water friendly ring sling. This is great for younger babies or if Birch is not in a swimming mood. In and out of the water!
  3. Wet bag set of 3. These are great for wet suits or diapers or just storing smaller things things.
  4. Snacks! We always have a pouch or two, and I love these Almond Butter Bars from TJs.
  5. Hand sanitizer. Even before the virus we used this often.
  6. Zinc-based sunscreens. A stick for kids faces, sheer for mom face, a mist for bodies, and a lotion for all-purpose.
  7. Great kid goggles. Found these in a two-pack on Amazon!
  8. Wearable Turkish Towel for me. Love this thing! I can put it on and still help the kids hands free. Mine is local but something like this would be similar!
  9. The best sun hat! Top-knot friendly. Velcros in the back. It even rolls up for easy travel.
  10. Toddler Turkish towel poncho. From Etsy! I love Turkish towels for being so lightweight and easy to pack. This is also great because I can take off his wet swim diaper and put on a dry one while he’s mostly under a towel.
  11. Second wet bag. Packed with swim and regular diapers plus a changing pad and wipes.
  12. Pineapple swim trunks and neon rash guard. Mazen has matching ones!
  13. i play baby sun hat. SPF and neck cover.
  14. Birch’s floatie vest. To help him learn to swim and kick!
  15. Quilt for sitting in the grass. For snacks or post-swimming outfit changes.

Not photographed:

What’s in your pool bag?

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