Think Big: Beautycounter Mascara Review

People have lots of opinions about mascara! The new Beautycounter mascara is out! Here’s my honest review of the Think Big All-In-One Mascara from the formula to taking it off.

Beautycounter Think Big Mascara Review

Beautycounter Think Big Mascara Review

Mascaras are polarizing! 

I’ll admit, Beautycounter’s previous mascara formulations weren’t our strongest products. They were okay, but never a fan favorite. 

Until now! Beautycounter’s brand new All-One-In Mascara is wink-worthy.

The Think Big All-in-One Mascara is a completely new formula, designed to bring the best results from a volumizing and lengthening mascara into one. I’m in love!

Beautycounter Think Big Mascara Review

Beautycounter Think Big Mascara Review

31% of the plastic used in the packaging is composed of post-consumer recycled resin.

Why does clean mascara matter?

Ingredients that can be found in traditional mascaras – such as carbon black, mineral oils, cyclic silicones, and BHT – may be linked to harmful effects on human health. Our eyelids in particular are very thin and prone to irritation so, if you’re going to swap out some products for ones with safer ingredients, mascara should be one. But the problem is many of the clean mascaras on the market aren’t all that impressive. 

Think Big All-In-One Mascara is EWG-Verified™.

Beautycounter tests each batch of mascara for heavy metals to ensure they meet its strict safety measures. The company is highly selective when it comes to pigments; out of the 65 cosmetic colorants allowed in the United States, Beautycounter prohibits the vast majority from being used, only using 18 colorants in their color cosmetics.

Think Big All-In-One Beautycounter Mascara Review

The Clean Ingredients:

Tripeptide technology features two ingredients to support the appearance of longer, fuller, and stronger lashes.

  • Provitamin B5 nourishes and conditions.
  • Biotinyl tripeptide helps support stronger, healthier-looking lashes over time (I have wimpy lashes – I need this!)

What I Love About the Formula:

  • It’s super jet black – I love the impact! 
  • My lashes stay separate and don’t “group” into big clusters of lashes. I prefer my lashes to look like feathers – not like spikes.

What I Love About the Brush: 

  • It’s so easy to use and very precise – I love that it fans out at the base so it gets the inner and outer eye at the same time. I curl my lashes first and apply two coats per eye.
  • The length and lift it gives is incredible – it’s even better than our Lengthening Mascara, which was my favorite of the previous choices.

What I Love About the Wear:

  • It doesn’t flake off (the worst) or smudge during the day (unless I rub my eyes).
  • I have very sensitive eyes, and I have no problems with irritation (thankfully).
  • I don’t need to heat it up in my bra (hah!) first like the old formula. (A common requirement for other clean mascaras made with waxes that harden when cool.)

Beautycounter Think Big Mascara Review

Beautycounter Think Big Mascara Review

What I Don’t Love About The New Mascara (& My Easy Solution):

The main real critique I have is that I get serious raccoon eyes when I wash my face or take a shower!

While the formula is touted to be water-resistant, it does come off with water. Because it stays on so well, and because I apply a couple of coats, there is a LOT of mascara to remove at the end of the day.

I used to be able to just lightly swipe my eyes with the corner of a makeup wipe at bedtime and with the new mascara I have to use an entire makeup wipe. 

Solution 1: Remove makeup first THEN shower.

Solution 2: Use just one light coat for everyday and save the two coats for when I’m going all out and want high impact. 
  Beautycounter Think Big Mascara Review

Beautycounter Think Big Mascara Review

Tips For Using Beautycounter Mascara

How to avoid smudging

If you have any oils around your eyes, smudging can happen. Minimize applying products very close to the eye area before applying mascara. You can also use a mattifying powder to matte the area first. 

How to remove mascara

From cleansing oils to compostable wipes, there’s an option regardless of preference.

  • or : Apply warm water to the lashes, followed by Countertime Cleansing Oil or Counter+ Lotus Glow Cleansing Balm. Gently press and wipe (never rubbing) to remove the formula from lashes.
  • : Saturate a cotton pad with the remover and press onto eyelashes, holding for one to two seconds. Once lashes are saturated, gently sweep in both upwards and downwards motions until all the formula has been removed.
    • This personally doesn’t work for my sensitive eyes, but it’s an Allure Award winner – many people love it!
  • : Apply the wipe to eyes, gently sweeping in upward and downward motions until all mascara is whisked away from lashes. Pro tip: Add a little Instant Eye Makeup Remover to your wipe for an extra cleansing boost.

How often should I replace mascara?

Every three months is suggested, depending on usage.

Save 22%: the new mascara is a part of Beautycounter’s makeup bundle

The best way to buy the Beautycounter mascara and save some money – 22% to be exact – is the Flawless in Five makeup set. With six safer makeup products, you can choose your types and shades: foundation, concealer, mascara, blush, brows, gloss. 

Upgrade to the rewards program for two free gifts and free shipping

Joining Band of Beauty perks program is not signing up as a consultant – it’s simply our rewards program – you pay an annual fee to get the perks! If you plan on shopping with Beautycounter more than once, it’s a no-brainer!

  • New members who place an order over $50 get a free gift.
    • The Welcome Set above includes a mini Overnight Resurfacing Peel and Charcoal Mask!
  • You get free shipping on orders $100+.
    • I’m jealous of this! I don’t even get free shipping as a consultant.
  • You earn 10% product credit with every order to spend on future purchases.
    • You have 90 days to use the credit.
  • It costs $29 to enroll.
    • The membership lasts a year and can always be renewed but doesn’t auto-renew.

Check out Band of Beauty here.

Shop the new mascara here.

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