Throw Some Shade

It was a total scorcher in Cville (like I’m sure it was where you live too!) One of those weekends where five minutes outside lead to a total body meltdown. We made the best of it because we had some exciting special guests to hang out with!

Dinner at Blue Mountain Brewery

Laura, Matt, and Emerson came to Virginia for a long weekend! They spent the first few days up on Wintergreen Mountain with Matt’s parents, and we all met for dinner at Blue Mountain Brewery on Friday night. We sat outside and cooled off with beers before we enjoyed three kinds of pizza and caesar salad. The kids had a great time running around (despite the heat!) We left Birch at home with a sitter, which was a very good choice considering how hot it was and the fact that when we got home he was cool and snuggled in his crib fast asleep.

Saturday Gym Class + Smoothie

I went to the gym bright and early on Saturday and then enjoyed a Daily Harvest smoothie afterwards topped with lots of my new favorite granola. Then we got ready for the Allens to come on over to Cville!

Gym hair? Don’t care.

Lunch at Fitzroy

We decided to go out to lunch and cook dinner at home, so we took them to The Fitzroy. It was super cool inside! We brought our lobster high chair so Birch could sit with us in the booth – that’s the #1 reason the lobster is ideal for smaller babies! I had a kale salad with fried chicken on top!

Like A Kid In A Candy Store

Next stop for two happy kids and 4 excited adults! We all picked out a little treat.

Naptime Shopping

Emerson and Mazen were so sweet to Birch and tucked him into his crib for his nap. Emerson took her own nap and her mom and I went to Green Bean Baby for a little shopping!

Nap Time For Gus

Gussie is doing well recovering from his ACL surgery. He’s been ordered (by the vet) to stay in a small room for the next TWO MONTHS. I will elaborate a bit in another post, but this surgery is quite a bit more of a big deal than we thought. Poor Gussie. I wish we could explain to him what’s going on. We’re trying to spend a lot of time down there with him and give him lots of love.

Taco Bar Dinner

We did a kid-friendly taco dinner with all the fixins – ground beef, spicy chicken, slaw, guac, sour cream, and more.

Jeni’s For Dessert

We enjoyed Jeni’s ice cream and the second half of the Bachelorette for dessert. This was the THIRD time I’d watched the Luke scenes, and it just gets better and better.

Sunday First Breakfast

Cereal + berries to start the day.

Brunch at El Bebedero

Followed by lunch at El Bebe! We braved the heat and walked downtown and back. Everyone wore workout clothes so we could brace for lots of sweating! It actually wasn’t that bad when you’re prepared to sweat. I think it took 100 degrees for Mazen (at age 6.75!) to realize how awesome strollers are. Luckily he and Emerson were able to share. I hope the tires are ok!

Bye Bye Cousin!