Toddler Art Favorites

I found some of my favorite toddler art supplies tucked away from when Mazen was young and they are perfect for Birch! Here are some of our toddler art favorites perfect for toddlers and beginner artists. 

Recently I needed an inside afternoon activity for the boys and remembered I had a whole drawer full of arts and crafts materials that I saved for a rainy day. Funny part is most rainy days we just play fort and “pillow pillow” and rarely run out of activities. So my supplies hadn’t been touched in a while! In fact, some of these are leftover from when Mazen was 3/4 years old. Turns out they were perfect for Birch!

Toddler Art Favorites

Whoever invented color with water and invisible ink markers is a GENIUS!

Water Wow makes a ton of different books. The truck book we have was a huge hit! The best part is once the water dries the picture turns white again so you can paint it over and over. (I remember painting my parents’ shed with water when I was younger and when the water dried I’d paint it again!)

Other toddler art crafts we have:

And don’t forget the DoodlePro! It’s been a big hit over here. B can draw a snake! He drew this design all by himself.

Sculpture art out of TP rolls : )

Big Kid Art

Mazen is a fantastic artist (so is his father) and they do lots of watercolors and drawing together. I am working on setting up a little art studio for him in our utility room (where there’s a huge sink) so he can keep everything out and drying. We just need a big buffet table. These are his favorite watercolors and paper.

Mazen’s Lighthouse

I found some Mad Libs (he’s the perfect age) and a cool optical illusion coloring book for him too. He also has this How to Draw Pokemon book that he likes.

And he’s very good at drawing Big Nate comics!

Grandparent Art!

Mazen and Grammie have had a distance art club going where they do different challenges each week. Mom started painting a few years ago and has now sold over 100 paintings. Kids especially love her art!  You can see her work and purchase paintings through her website. You’ll notice a Bald Head Island theme! (She’s also a featured artist at the Turtle Central gift shop.)


Please share some of your DIY and purchased favorite art supplies for all ages!