Trustworthy Review

Trustworthy is an online service where you can upload and organize your family’s important data – from insurance to medical records to household information. Trustworthy stores and organizes all of your family’s important data in one place. Here’s my Trustworthy review and everything you need to know to get started. KERF readers can get 20% off with the code KATHEATS. This post is sponsored by Trustworthy, however, the review is my honest opinion.

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When I stumbled upon Trustworthy, all of my organizing lightbulbs started blinking excitedly at one time!!

The world is becoming more and more digital, yet most people struggle to keep their important family information organized and accessible. If I asked you for a copy of your life insurance policy or the username and password for your 401k login, how fast could you find it? What would happen if you – or worse you and your partner – were to have an accident or illness that meant you were unable to provide that information? 

As someone in the digital organizing space, I love cloud storage. I recommend students in my digital organizing course consolidate their important documents and securely store them in the cloud for easy access when away from home and in case of a fire or natural disaster where your important documents are destroyed. The benefits of being organized, especially with your most important family information, are saving time, giving you peace of mind, and helping you sleep better at night knowing you’re prepared for anything life might toss your way. Trustworthy also helps you avoid late fees, penalties or rush charges when your documents expire by reminding you ahead of time.

My Trustworthy Review

When I learned that Trustworthy is a one-stop-shop for all of those docs AND that they make the upload and organize process as painless as possible, I knew I had to share this amazing product review with you all! 

First, let me note that I took some screenshots during my own onboarding process, but for the sake of my own privacy, I took them before uploading sensitive information about our accounts and docs. This will give you a good idea of how the app looks on the inside, but know when completely fleshed out, all your info is neatly organized for you. If you want to see it in action with documents added, watch this two-minute overview video.

How To Use Trustworthy

Trustworthy calls itself the Family Operating System®. You subscribe on an annual basis for unlimited access to an online service that helps modern families secure and optimize their important information — IDs, Money, Property, Passwords, Insurance, Taxes, Legal, Emergency Instructions and the Family Archive. Once you go through the process of uploading everything that applies to you, you’re delightfully organized and completely prepared for all of life’s moments, now and across generations.

You can give access to trusted parties – like your parents or an attorney – in case of emergency. This way someone you trust has access to any documents they might need in an emergency, like an advanced medical directive or your homeowner’s insurance policy. These trusted parties, including a spouse, can also help you upload information if you want to delegate any of the set-up process to them.

Trustworthy is also “purpose-built.” You’ll get reminders when your passports or drivers’ licenses are up for renewal, and you’ll get notifications at regular intervals to see if information has changed or if something is flagged as needing your attention. Super helpful when you have a multi-person family! And you’ll get smart prompts for things like adding the name and number of the CPA who prepared the tax return.

The Dashboard

Trustworthy is much more than just a cloud to store your files. The dashboard design supports you with nudges and a template to help you get started. You’ll see each of life’s categories on the left-hand side along with a percentage tracker. (Remember this was mine on day 1, so I was just getting started!)

It’s also beautiful. Simple, clean, modern.

Trustworthy review dashboardTrustworthy review dashboard

Each Family Member Has Their Own Page

Note the reminder when my license expiration will come up! Four family members x 4 passports renewing at different times = such a great tool. You also can create custom reminders. Such as to pay quarterly taxes, on the tax page. 

Trustworthy Review member own page

Trustworthy Review member own page

Yep, there’s even a place for your pets!

It’s not fun to think about worst-case scenarios. But in the event of a natural disaster where your pet might go missing, you have a photo and all documentation ready to go. 

photo of the family dog

photo of the family dog

What types of information can I store?

Trustworthy is set up based on a typical family needs – IDs, money, property, passwords, insurance, taxes, estate docs, etc. But it’s also totally customizable. If you don’t own at home or have fewer accounts than suggested, just remove them! You can also add anything you need. And completely customize each sub-category to reflect your needs. 

And in addition to the uber-important stuff, you can also store info like your home’s paint colors and an emergency plan. There’s even a newer category for digital photo archives. (I am excited to see how that gets expanded over time!)

insurance and estate plan screenshots

insurance and estate plan screenshots

Humans Can Help You!

If you aren’t particularly tech-savvy or you get stuck, a team of humans will help you! The Trustworthy concierge team can make recommendations, check in periodically, answer questions, and even help you track down missing documents like birth or marriage certificates. 

Trustworthy Security

You’re probably wondering whether Trustworthy is actually trustworthy. The creators knew this had to be the heart of everything they built. So yes it is! You can read more about all of the different security measures here. The company is approved and certified by a handful of third-party security sites, like McAfee and Norton. And I’m willing to bet that it’s safer than whatever you’re currently using.

Two-Factor Authentication

There is always an extra layer of protection for every login at a new computer or device. There are also hardware security keys that allow you to add a second authentication factor to online services.


Trustworthy uses bank-grade security, which means your information is private, protected, and encrypted. Encryption is bank-level 256-bit encryption in both the web and mobile apps.

The Trustworthy servers use Aliasing to protect your data from being seen on the server side. They also use redaction to keep sensitive data as protected as possible. (You know those little dots that act as placeholders so you don’t see your full social security number? That’s redaction.) 


You can request to permanently delete your data from the Trustworthy servers at any time. And needless to say (but worth saying when sensitive information is involved): the company vows to never sell or share your data or information. 

Trustworthy Pricing

KERF readers can get 20% off with the code KATHEATS. All plans include a 14-day free trial (no credit card required) and a 30-day full refund policy. Here are the three pricing tiers:

Gold: $240 per year

This is the “normal” plan that I signed up for. It has 30GB vault space storage, and phone and email support during business hours. Plus all the great perks of the program itself. 

Platinum: $480 per year

If you need extra help, have a boatload of files, or are an uber-busy person, you might consider the platinum plan that comes with a lot of extra concierge help. Get three hours of one-on-one, personalized service with your dedicated concierge where they can upload for you or help replace lost documents. You also get extended support hours and 75GB vault storage. 

For First Responders: $120 per year

This tier is the same as the Gold tier but a cost lowered for coast guards, firefighters, healthcare providers, military, paramedics, police, security guards, and veterans.

No credit card needed to get started. So you should definitely do the 14-day free trial just to see what it’s like. 

My Honest Review Of The Trustworthy App

Back in the 1990s when I traveled to Europe, my parents made photo copies of my passport and had me stick them in hidden areas of each of my luggage pieces. That way if my passport was stolen I would have a way to verify my identity. While this was good advice for the time, I am glad technology has come such a long way! I can be anywhere in the world now and have access to any form of document I needed. 

The hard copies of my family’s documents are jammed into a fire-proof safe, obviously hidden away in some dark corner of our house. Going to look up a passport number was never a joyful task. Now I feel SO much lighter having these things stored in the cloud. While I might need the hard-copies once every few years, I can access the digital versions without leaving my chair. 

While it does take a while to get everything uploaded and set up, you can have this done in a long afternoon. (Spoiler alert: the more organized you already are, the faster it will be.) And if you don’t have time, you can use the Concierge services to help you along the way!

I think Trustworthy is a brilliant invention.

I can’t think of any reason every family in America wouldn’t use this service other than cost. 

No one likes to pay for insurance, and I think of a program like this as real-life life insurance. Most of us pay a few hundred dollars a year for life insurance we never hope to use. So it seems more reasonable to pay a few hundred dollars a year for something you will use all the time that will also help you if you are no longer earth side.

The 14-day free trial doesn’t even require a credit card, so sign up here and see what you think about the platform and dashboard for yourself : ) 

TRUST ME – there is nothing out there like this that will leave you with this much peace of mind. 

KERF readers can get 20% off with the code KATHEATS.

Trustworthy information system

Trustworthy information system

Thanks to Trustworthy for sponsoring this review on Katheats!