Unplugging For The Holidays

{Photo by Cramer Photo}

I’m planning to unplug this holiday season.

I’ve always been a little anxious about going offline for fear that everything I have built will somehow disappear. That fear keeps me tied to my phone more than I should be and a little more distracted and stressed about having five polished posts ready to go week after week. (Sometimes not-so-polished posts!) I started to take a few breaks for vacations over the past year or so, and when I took a long maternity leave, I realized that my fears were in my head. Absence always makes the heart grow fonder.

Motherhood Transforms You

Inspired by this podcast, I was reminded that motherhood transforms you. You expand, shift, and change. If you also have a business, you learn how to intertwine your work and home life so that you can continue pursuing your business dreams while also being a mom.

I am VERY good at multitasking, and I am not so sure that is a good thing!

I want to create stronger divides between work and home so that when I leave the imaginary office I don’t think about KERF. When I’m being a mom, I don’t want to be skimming emails on my phone or thinking about what posts I need to write tomorrow. I want my focus to be on the activity at hand. This is why I am taking some time off blogging from Christmas to New Years. Mazen will be home from school, and I want to spend time doing fun activities with the boys without the worry that I’m getting behind in my post schedule. Many of you will be spending time with family as well. Let’s all go offline for a bit.

2020 is going to be fun!

I’m already excited about the list of post ideas I have ready to start on in January. After all, it’s the season for fresh starts, organized homes, and lots of healthy real food eating. My F A V O R I T E topics!!

I’ll be popping in with 1-2 recaps of our holiday and you can find pics on Instagram and Facebook, but otherwise I’ll see you in the new year!