Update On Gus

I can’t tell if Gus is pleased or annoyed that Birch can crawl. B is suddenly very curious about Gus and goes over to poke him all day long. Birch is also C O V E R E D in dog hair all day, erry day now. And this means that whenever we pick him up, we get covered in it too. Heeeelllppp! I guess I need to up my vacuum game.

Gus Tore His ACL

We have some news on Gus. He went for a hike with Thomas and Mazen recently and the next day he was limping quite badly. But the day after that he was totally fine. Then we noticed a small limp again after a lot of activity that went away as fast as it came. We figured he was having some joint inflammation that we would keep a close eye on. Then after a third field trip he could barely walk the next day and Thomas took him to the vet that afternoon. Turns out he (very likely) tore his ACL and will need surgery.

His surgery is tomorrow. He will be having a Modified Maquet Procedure (known as MMP in the vet world). If the procedure goes well, he should have a recovery to his “full athletic ability” (haha). He’ll be staying overnight tomorrow night and coming home on Saturday. I will let you know how he does when he’s recovering. Please keep him in your thoughts!

We are giving him extra love!

Baby Proofing The Dog Bowl

On the topic of dogs – help! How do you keep the baby out of here? I can’t remove it or put it up high. Or on another floor, especially since G will be recovering. Dog parents – what do you do!? (That’s our dog food container next to it.)