What I Ate: Real Meals + Adventures

Cook Once, Eat Twice

We made some epic shrimp and grits last weekend! Classic and rich with mushrooms and peppers. They were even better as leftovers the next day. Often times we make extra food on Sundays to carry is to Mondays. Cook once, eat twice style!

Pork Tenderloin with Rice + Asparagus

Daily Harvest FTW

As an ambassador for Daily Harvest, we eat a lot of smoothies! One cup usually serves me plus one child (because I use more milk than the cup calls for!) so it’s kind of a two for one deal. If you’ve wanted to try them, I have a $25 off your first order discount to share with the code katheats.

The bigger the bowl, the better the salad!

This sunny lunch was mixed greens with leftover pork tenderloin with peppers, avocado, and the Plenty homemade blue cheese dressing!

Sweet potato farro salad

This salad was back! And we had snow!

I had it with an egg on top the next day for lunch. Perfect combo of protein + carbs.

Post Nap Snow Gazing

We used to sit on the porch in the rocking chairs and look for cars and buses. Since it’s been cold, he sits on his changing table, and we point at vehicles going by. He knows the word BUS now, and spotting one is always the highlight. After nap on Tuesday he woke up to a blanket of snow. He didn’t know what to think!

We’ve had snow, and we’ve had warm days too!

Now that Birch can walk, there is so much world to explore. I can’t wait for spring weather. How many months do we have to go?

Mazen and I are loving our rollerskating Sundays!

That’s me looking dorky in the back. I think I need to buy some gently used rollerblades so I can be cool like Mazen!

I had dinner with Dave Matthews

Not reallllllly but he dined at the table next to us! Most people who live in Charlottesville will have a Dave spotting every now and then. I was out with friends last weekend for a birthday dinner and he sat down with a group at the next table over. We played it cool!

Other Cville celebrity sightings:
  • Sissy Spacek come into the bakery once. I also attended a wedding where she was a guest. Boyd Tinsley also came into the bakery!
  • Chris Long is at my gym on occasion, and he used to live a few blocks down our street! Now he lives next to Thomas’s parents.
  • Author John Grisham lives here, and Thomas is friends with his son : )

Other celebs I’ve encountered:

  • Shaquille O’Neal in an airport
  • Hillary Duff while filming in NYC
  • Reese Witherspoon at brunch in Charleston
  • Brad Paisley – I touched his hand during a concert in high school
  • Does Duke’s Coach K count?!
Who is the most famous person you’ve seen or met?

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