What I Ate: Soup, Salad, Sandwich

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Lunch is my least favorite meal of the day because I find it very unpredictable. Time and ingredients dictate which lunch I’ll choose. I never know what kind of lunch I’m going to crave until about 11am. If it’s cold, it’s probably soup or a hot sandwich. If it’s hot, it’s probably a salad. As you know, I also eat a lot of leftovers for lunch! Sometimes I think it’s easier to pack a lunch because your lunch is already decided for you!

Here is what I ate for lunch recently – soup, salad, sandwich – and why they were delish!

What I Ate: Soup

If you’ve been a long-time KERF reader you know that I am very picky about my canned/boxed soups and salad dressings. This soup from Bar Harbor Foods was sent to me by the Marine Stewardship Council and I really liked it! The ingredient list was simple, and it tasted like a freshly made clam chowder to me. I added some Trader Joe’s Parmesan Crisps on top – perfect crouton topping. Only downside: no veggies in this one so I made sure to have a salad for dinner.

What I Ate: Salad

I have to rave about this salad because it comes from one of Cville’s hidden gems: Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. They have an extensive menu of delicious teas (seriously, any kind you might want) plus some really great salads and platters (look for the Goatherder!) This salad is my favorite – the Bazaar Salad – which is a huge plate of mixed greens tossed with ginger-miso vinaigrette, with feta, pear, candied walnuts, raisins, cucumbers, carrots, and tomatoes. And the herby toasted pita on the side is the perfect complement. I enjoyed it with a pot of Moroccan Mint tea while I worked!

What I Ate: Sandwich

I think this is the best sandwich in Charlottesville. Thomas often gets sandwiches out for lunch and he brings me one every now and then. From Ivy Provisions, it’s called the Gobbfather and is packed with roasted turkey, pepper jack, pickles, spicy mayo, and arugula on sourdough bread. Served warm!! (I think the combo of pickles, spicy mayo and cheese and warmth make it epic.) I would not put this on the healthiest foods list, but it’s damn good!! Usually I only eat half (it’s huge – that’s only half on my plate) and have something green on the side. The second half is just as good heated back up the next day.

So there you have it: three very different but very delicious recent lunches!