What I Ate Wednesday + BIG NEWS!

In case you haven’t heard…


I met Jeff four years ago at Alchemy and I knew he’d be my husband after our first date. He still makes me giddy!

He is hands down the kindest, most supportive, loving, and respectful partner I could ever dream of and I’m simply ecstatic that he’s mine forever. I feel like I’m on a cloud!

We truly make each other the best version of ourselves. I’ll be sharing everything on wedding planning and all that jazz so stay tuned!


Can’t get off the cereal train! I mix a few different crunchy cereals with
old fashioned oats, freeze dried bananas,
goji berries,
mulberries, blueberries,
flax, and walnuts. That combo though!


I’ve been making these hummus pizza sort of things for lunch because they’re quick to make and super satisfying. First I spread a wrap with a really thick layer of ALDI’s rosemary sea salt hummus.

The I topped it with sliced kalamata olives, leftover cooked greens and shrooms, chopped broccoli, jarred sliced jalapeños, oregano, a drizzle of olive oil, and minced garlic.

I bake right it on the rack at 400F for about 10 minutes, top with arugula then devour. Delish with fresh strawberries on the side!


blueberry oatmeal bar!

Aaand some blue corn tortilla chips because they’re honestly my favorite savory snack.


This was a yummy one! Baked salmon, Trader Joe’s sweet potato gnocchi (I keep it in the freezer at all times, such a delish side), and sautéed collard greens and mushrooms from our CSA.


So Delicious ice cream bars are a staple at our house. The mocha almond fudge ones were on sale. SCORE!

Have a lovely week, pals!