What I Ate Wednesday + Day In the Life

Hiya, friends!

How is life? Can I just say that I’ve been living on herbal tea and elderberry gummies lately, which I will continue to eat even when I’m not feeling under the weather simply because they’re so darn tasty!

I thought it would be fun to do another “day in the life” since things have been really busy with Alchemy Meal Prep launching next month. I bounce around between several initiatives throughout the day, and that’s what keeps me feeling energized. I often get asked what exactly I do, so hopefully these glimpses can provide some clarity.

6:45am: Wake up, pour myself some coffee into my Yeti mug (we set it to brew automatically, game-changer). Open the Associated Press app and catch up on the news while I wake up.

7:30am: Start doing blog work/checking emails, and looking at my to-do list for the day. I use Trello to stay organized with everything in my life from Alchemy to the blog to wedding planning. It’s like virtual sticky notes and it’s free!

I feel most energized and creative in the morning, so I typically like to work a little, eat, get ready, then work a little more.

8:30am: Eat! This was a big bowl of
oatmeal with drippy
peanut butter,
chia seeds and honey crisp apple. I usually listen to whatever I’m “reading” on Audible while I eat and get ready for breakfast.
The Wife Between Us is keeping me on my toes!

Jeff and I spent a few hours on Sunday cooking up a storm so we wouldn’t have to cook after we’ve worked all day and gone to the gym. It’s a lot but I was so thrilled to have plenty of food ready to go this week!

9am: Get dressed and ready to start switching gears to Alchemy stuff for the day.

9:30am: Have a call with a couple email marketing gurus who are helping us with launch campaigns for Meal Prep.

10:30am: Head to a coffee shop and work on copy for the new website. I finally flushed out wording for the “About” and “How it Works” pages. I love to write so creating websites for new businesses is always so fulfilling for me!

12pm: Enjoy
Israeli Power Salad that I prepped on Sunday paired with these
savory chickpea pancakes dipped in

1:30pm: Have weekly meeting with my partner and our management team at Alchemy Café to discuss strategic planning and initiatives for 2020, like more variety in our retail experience, an upcoming renovation, new menu items, team building, and beyond.

3pm: Head to our Grandview store for a tasting with our chef and manager. We’re working on a few new items, including a veggie burger for a potential Burger & Shake night, carrot cake, a small plate for when we launch dinner, and some sandwiches.

5pm: Distribute tips for employees and get together cash deposit for the bank.

6:15pm: Head to a super hard but amazing Butcher Shop pilates class! Kicks my butt every time.

7:30: Get home, shower and put on PJ’s. Heat up Instant Pot brown rice, sticky orange tempeh with roasted broccoli and carrots, salad, and Banza vegan mac and cheese with hot sauce (so random) for dinner. Feeling so grateful that we cooked on Sunday!

8:30pm: Eat dinner, hang on the couch with Jeff, and watch Schitt’s Creek. We’re so obsessed! Write this blog post. Enjoy a
dark chocolate salted
peanut butter cup and sip peppermint tea.

10:30pm: Get ready for bed and SLEEP!