What I Ate Wednesday: Fiancé Edition!

Hello, all!! How’s it going? It’s Jeff, Hummusapien fan #1 taking over for the day to give Alexis a break as she continues to take over the world. In case you didn’t know…WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!!

Alexis’ heels

Wait, you already knew that? Ok. With that in mind, wedding planning has taken up a majority of our free time, so preparing food ahead of time has taken on greater significance. Sunday is our only full free day together, and we pack every second of it with brunch, gym, cooking and couch.

However, no matter how busy we get, we still make time to check in with each other to make sure everything is good. And if it’s not good, we take the time to listen to problems/concerns and offer suggestions on how these problems/concerns can be resolved. Then, we move right back to the business of our day, turn up the music and laugh and dance and joke to make sure we don’t take everything too seriously.

With that, on to the food!!


Breakfast hasn’t changed much since I
last shared with you. Shocking, I know. I have two versions of breakfast and each involves cooking some eggs and accompanying them with either
steel cuts oats topped with cinnamon and fruit or sweet and savory toast (one with pb and one with avocado) And of course black coffee. Lots of black coffee.

…But I forgot to take a picture so here’s last weekend’s brunch featuring three tasty pancakes with apples that Alexis recently posted and eggs.

Midday Snack

I usually fight off the post-breakfast, pre-lunch hunger pangs with some type of bar and a piece of fruit or handful of nuts. Alexis recently
visited California and came back singing the virtues of walnuts, so that’s been the go to recently.


Somewhere between mid-day snack and lunch, I still find time to eat something

In this case, it was an Alchemy smoothie (I know the owner). Lately, I’ve been enjoying the Blueberry Detox, minus the maple syrup and adding
chocolate brown rice protein.


Lunch has been and will forever be some type of chicken dish. I often get grief at work because I bring the same thing pretty much everyday. As you know, the Instant Pot has really changed the game for us in terms of meals for the week.

Lately I’ve been making fiesta chicken and rice and it has been great. All it is is a pound of chicken breast, a jar of salsa, a cup of corn, a can of black beans, some taco seasoning, and a chopped pepper. Put 1/2 cup salsa on the bottom, cover with chicken, season with salt, pepper, and taco seasoning, then cover with the rest of the ingredients.

That’s it. Seriously. No recipe! It’s great! Cook on manual for 10 minutes, then let it naturally release for 10 minutes and it’s done.

For the rice, I do 1 cup long grain brown rice with 1 1/4 cups water. Cook for 15 minutes then 15 minutes natural release.

Pre-Dinner Snack

Nothing fancy to see here. If I had fruit earlier, I eat a yogurt. If I had a yogurt earlier, I eat fruit.


This evening we had Instant Pot Red Curry. “Seriously, Instant Pot again” you may be thinking? Yes, seriously. This recipe is not only super easy, but it’s really good.


Ahh dessert… our favorite meal of the day. Dessert is the best because it’s a reminder that we are winding down for the evening, binging our favorite show of the moment and finally relaxing. At the moment, it’s chocolate covered pretzels for days.

Thanks for reading! You can message me @Jeff. I’m kidding. Don’t message that. I don’t know what will happen. Rather, pretend you’re messaging me by putting your phone down and looking up to enjoy the fall colors. They really seem to be popping this year.

My point is, it’s ok to not be all consumed all the time with social media. Ok, that’s my old man rant for the day. Now get off my lawn!!