What Season Is It?

Little bit of life lately with salmon, sunshine, and seasons!


And peek-a-boo!! 

We came home from the beach last week to a fridge that looked like this (and that’s after we had to toss out the funky milk!) You know I always say that a well-stocked fridge is of utmost importance!!

Note: the bottom drawer is all alcohol – lol!

I had a Splendid Spoon lunch the next day straight from the freezer! This was their butternut squash noodles with broccoli, and I was a fan!

And then Blue Apron arrived!

Just as I was enjoying my lunch, Blue Apron arrived! What excellent timing for our meals for the week. *Sponsored by Blue Apron

On the menu: Pesto Salmon with Roasted Vegetables

This is a repeat dish that I ordered again because I loved it so much!! That pesto sauce – yum!

What Season(ing) Is It?

It’s Weeknight Spice seasoning! A Blue Apron classic way to jazz up any dish with onion powder (!), garlic, parsley and paprika. You can actually buy it from the Market!

Sweet & Spicy Chicken with rice and sweet peppers

This sauce is somethin’ else! 

Blue Apron has a lot coming this fall: wellness meals, a la carte Add-ons, WINE, and holiday-themed boxes. Check back to this post for a feature on the Wellness Meals: Refresh Your Routine.

Now is the time to simplify your life and try some delicious new recipes! Get $110 off across your first four boxes

Salmon Season Continues with Smoked Salmon For Lunch

We restocked the fridge, eventually, and picked up some smoked salmon for my lunches! This is a smoked salmon wrap with cream cheese, peppers, and crispy fried jalapeños on top. And a side salad!

Smoked salmon wrap Take 2

I used some of the leftover pesto sauce from the Blue Apron salmon – totally made the dish!

Also on the sandwich menu: BLTs! Our garden is still going, and Thomas has been baking bacon each week to have on hand for sandwiches. One thing that is required: extra mayo. 

PS. Did you know our local brewery Champion has a Duke’s Mayo collab beer that is perfect to pair with a BLT!? Sadly I didn’t have one with my lunch. 

Parmesan Crisps FTW

Salads topped with parm crisps (from Trader Joe’s or Costco) are my jam lately. Those and truffle almonds!

Pumpkin Spiced Breakfast

You know it’s pumpkin season! Yogurt + Pumpkin Spice Cheerios + Almond butter + Banana!

Hot Eggs, Cold Grapes

Warm breakfasts are making a comeback. It’s almost egg + oatmeal season!

What’s New With The Boys

It’s football season…

And baseball time! 

Mazen has been doing really well!!

Puzzle Season

He loves his new Lovevery puzzle!

And this USA puzzle is super hard – but he can do it!

Hard at work

As for me, it’s walking season!

I LOVE to walk and am glad the heat has broke!! I’ve been walking the boys to school. At the beach I walked everyday. And greenway walks are so peaceful. 

And finally….

It’s Survivor Season!!!!

SO GLAD IT’S BACK! Season 41 is underway – tune in!! Best show ever. 

Ellen and I enjoyed Jeni’s ice cream while doing our draft with Hillary on Zoom. 

These are the cutest little soup and side bowls by Our Place! They stack and match the Always pan. Perfect for some ice cream time.