Why Winter Walks Are My Favorite

Winter Walks Are My Favorite

Crisp winter walks are SO refreshing! I do not care for winter unless I am wearing a down coat and moving. In the summer walks are great, but the sun is just so darn hot, and you have to take a shower at the end of your walk. But in the winter you can walk for miles without breaking a sweat if you dress appropriately. Therefore you can fit one into any part of your day. In the winter I tend to go to the gym in the morning (outdoor sweat workouts are minimal) but I love to add in an afternoon walk.

The Key Is Bundling Up!

A down coat (I have this one) and movement = the perfect mix. I usually have gloves on too. And Airpods with a great podcast in. Normally you wouldn’t think about taking a baby outside in cold weather, but Birch is snug as a bug in his JJ Cole Bundleme (we have an older version of this one.) I put a light coat on him and a hat when it’s really chilly and then tuck him in. When I pull him out at the end of our walk, it’s always toasty in there. He doesn’t complain!

Fresh Air Makes Us Happier

Birch craves fresh air. When he was younger and fussy, we just had to step onto the porch to calm him down. Now that he can walk, he toddles to the door and starts saying “bye bye” when he wants to go outside. Luckily he LOVES his stroller. I also have come to realize that I need fresh air everyday too. Everyone does – it’s in our nature. When I worked in public relations, I used to take a walk on my lunch break everyday. I’d call my mom or think about my life’s dreams. Those daily walks got me through the long office days. I went almost every day that it didn’t rain – summer + winter. (And yes, I was the office nerd with the sneakers and the skirt – because comfortable shoes are a requirement for a good walk!)

Walking Is An Underrated Exercise

You guys know I love to sweat it out like the best of them. But I also just love walking for exercise. There are so many benefits, from reducing risk of heart disease to controlling blood sugar. It’s no surprise a daily walk has a positive effect on mental health too. I always come home with a more clear mind. In general I try to walk as much as possible. Downtown to run errands or when we have a lull in our day.

We Go For An Afternoon Walk Nearly Every Day

Years later I still love walking so much. When Mazen is with us, sometimes he bikes or scooters. (And sometimes he votes to stay home.) If it’s a day that is just Birch and me, my rule is if it’s not raining, we go for a walk. I am always my sleepiest between 3-4pm, and nothing energizes me more than fresh air. I’ve heard that babies sleep better when they get outside for 30 minutes a day too.

{Photos by Cramer Photo}

How often to you get out and simply walk?