Woman whose hair turned grey overnight at 21 now feels sexier than ever at 44

A neuroscientist who would dye her hair after it turned grey ‘overnight’ at 21 has now embraced her natural colour and says she feels sexier than ever at 43.

Sara Eisenman, from Sedona, Arizona, USA, was mortified when she looked in the mirror in her early 20s and saw her hair had started to turn grey very rapidly.

After seeing the greys as a negative sign of ageing, she immediately started to hide her silver locks with box dyes every two weeks, afraid of anyone seeing her new natural colour.

She even prioritised dying her hair just hours before giving birth to her son, Abe, 8, so that when people visited them, they wouldn’t see any tell-tale signs of getting older.

Sara immediately started to hide her silver locks with box dyes every two weeks
(Image: MDWfeatures / Sara Eisenman;)

Sara even prioritised dying her hair just hours before giving birth to her son, Abe, 8
(Image: MDWfeatures / Sara Eisenman;)

But 20 years on and now a mum of two, Sara started to change her mindset towards her box dyes and image, realising there were more important things in life than whether she had freshly dyed hair or not.

At 37, after 15-years of colouring her hair at home, Sara ditched the dye and started to view her silver hair as a ‘crown’ and found that she felt completely liberated and reborn.

Sara’s husband, Hanan, 45, supported her decision but when she confided in her friends, she was told that she would look aged and like a witch.

Sara will turn 44 in September and instead of feeling as though she is in decline as she gets older, she has more energy than ever before, looks and feels the best she has done in her life and she says it’s all thanks to embracing her natural silver hair.

20 years on and now a mum of two, Sara started to change her mindset towards her box dyes
(Image: MDWfeatures / Sara Eisenman;)

Sara’s husband, Hanan, 45, fully supported her decision to embrace her natural beauty
(Image: MDWfeatures / Sara Eisenman;)

“My hair turned almost entirely silver, literally overnight, at the age of 21. I went to the mirror one day to find that silver hair was emerging from the roots all over my head,” said Sara.

“It was seen by me as a startling marker of ageing at a time when I was supposed to be in the height of youth.

“To disguise this evidence I took to colouring my hair very aggressively every two weeks, with a slew of other products – powders, hair crayons, etc, to disguise the roots in between dying.

“I could not afford to go to a salon so I would use cheap box dye and undertook this messy process at home as frequently as possible to hide what was happening to me, of which my hair was a glaring symbol.

“My shame was to the point that I would avoid people for fear of my roots showing. I even had my hair coloured hours before I knew I’d be going into labour with my son, so that everyone who came to see the new baby would also see a new mama with freshly dyed black hair and no tell-tale roots.

Sara goes on daily hikes to keep fit
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Sara has fully embraced her silver hair
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“My life changed with my two small children who needed me constantly in the early years, as all kids need their parents, and it made colouring my hair seem so much less important.

“I suddenly began to ‘forget myself’ – in this case in the best way possible – and turn all my attention towards a much bigger picture than my grey roots.

“At 37, after more than 15 years of colouring every two weeks, I could no longer remain a slave to the box of dye – other considerations were simply too important. 

“When I confided my decision to friends, I was told how much it would age me, and that I would look like a ‘witch’.

“Yet I knew very steadfastly in my heart that these stereotypes would prove completely incorrect, and I never touched a bottle of dye again.

“I feel like my hair is a symbol of natural beauty and freedom, and I’m extremely grateful to play any role I can in helping women discover how amazing they truly are, how free and fun life can be, and how we can find sisterhood and community in it all.”

The 44-year-old has also written books about her journey with silver hair and hair growth
(Image: MDWfeatures / Sara Eisenman)

“As I approach 44 and am at the point in life where I’m supposed to be ‘declining’ due to middle age, I find myself looking, feeling, and being better than ever.

“I am living my dreams. I have published three books – including one called Splendor: The Nazarite Method to (Re)growing Long, Strong, Healthy, Holy Hair, all about my journey with silver hair and hair growth – and am writing more.

“In embracing my silver hair, I feel more alive, more beautiful and sexier than ever in my mid-40s.

“My embodied philosophy is that, through every single stage of life, we don’t necessarily ‘age’ so much as we have the opportunity to continuously grow.

“Embracing this is what it means to be truly ageless.”

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