Workouts: Walking or Weights

I’ve been alternating days of walking and weights with some soccer games sprinkled in! While I know there is some risk with a group sport, I think the risk is low because it’s mostly spread out and 100% outdoors. I am ok with all activities outside, from outdoor dining to social distanced gatherings (like a happy hour with people sitting 6′ apart and no contact). I am not ok with indoors of any kind. I have no idea how we will all keep sane this winter!

Until then – sunscreen!

The gym is on pause

For the short term, we have paused our gym membership. This makes me super sad, of course, but I know we won’t be doing any indoor classes for a while. I really would love to add some cycle classes as a non-weight bearing option for my bad foot, but not for now. And I admit the thought of a Peloton bike has crossed my mind! But I don’t think we’d get our money’s worth once the gym opens up. If I knew I wouldn’t be back for YEARS I would totally invest in one (and a full weight collection!) I do love the social aspect of the gym, so once I feel comfortable going back, I’d choose meeting friends at a cycle class any day over cycling at home. I should probably just ride my bike outside and SWIM more!

I’ve also gone to a few of Matt and Katie’s bootcamp classes which are held in an open-air warehouse space.

My every-other-day weight routine is paying off!

Game face ON:

I found a 35 pound kettlebell at Play It Again Sports, and I have my 15 pound weights for upper body stuff. I really could use a set of 10s for smaller muscles and a set of 20s too, but I’m trying to make do with what I have on hand. (Kicking myself for giving away 2 sets of weights when I moved!) I have a resistance band from some foot physical therapy that I can use occasionally for random small muscles.

I’m starting to see some more definition:

Scootins’ A Sport!

This not-even-2-year-old picked up scootering SO quickly!! Thomas holds his back, but he knows how to ride! This is the helmet we bought. The scooter was Mazen’s!