Yes, You Can Practice Mindfulness During Sex

There’s no doubt that humans are creatures of habit. We wake up at the same time every morning, head off to work, return home and do it all over again the next day.

While this structure can be a useful way to balance and differentiate between our work and home lives, it also leads to people checking out of their bodies. After not needing to really pay attention to the actions you move through on a typical day, you may find yourself returning home at the end of the day feeling less inclined to be fully present.

mindfulness during sex

This indifference to being present with ourselves can lead to an inability to truly connect with our bodies and our partners on an intimate level. If you find your mind has built up a resistance to being mindful and have difficulty focusing on sensations while being intimate with your partner, there are a few ways you can help break them down and practice mindfulness during sex.

Talk to Your Partner

Rather than diving heart first into intimacy, try discussing your wants with your partner beforehand. Too often we tend to allow routine to take over rather than discussing what we want in the moment. This monotony means we know what to expect and encourages our minds to think of things other than what our bodies are experiencing.

Having a conversation before hand with your partner encourages intimacy, honesty and vulnerability as well as requires us to look inside ourselves and ask what we truly want.

Check In With Your Breath

When was the last time you paid any attention to your breathing pattern while being intimate? When you’re in tune with your breath during intimacy, you can use it to your advantage and play around with how it makes you and your partner feel.

You can try syncing your breath with your partner’s and see how that makes you feel. You may find yourself feeling more connected to them, which can only serve to improve the experience for the both of you!

The goal of these mindfulness tools is to help you connect more with yourself and your partner. The beauty of it is you can take what you want and leave what you don’t or modify these tools to work better for you.

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