You Say Goodbye, And I Say Hello

Here’s a mix of photos from our last few weeks of fun!

Goodbye Grammie and Pea

I never shared this farewell photo from their visit, but it’s too cute! Birchie knows everyone’s name and was sad to see them go.

Hello Second Grade!

We took this pic at our meet the teacher meeting, which took place outside with masks. School is now in session! 

Hello Wool Factory

We had to go back to Selvedge Brewing! This time we got two totally different dishes from last time and they were SO so good in a totally different way!

On the left is their Braised pork featuring local pork shoulder with soy sorghum glaze cilantro, and sesame crumble with a big plate with sides: rice, lettuce, kimchi, banchan – basically everything pickled. It was all super delicious!

On the right are the Smoked mushroom tacos with fresh flour tortillas (made in house and the kicker for the recipe!) with slow smoked local mushrooms and topped with sliced radishes and enchilada sauce. I LOVED these! 

To sip: the Blenheim Claim House White for me and the Herringbone IPA for Thomas.

Goodbye SNAKES

After dinner we went for a quick walk at neighboring Riverview Park. It was dusk and apparently all the snacks come out to warm up on the pavement because we saw not one but TWO HUGE SNAKES that flopped across the edge of the path and back into the brush. They were grey-ish brown and as thick as my arm. No thank you!

I’ll sub in this dreamy pic of John Stamos because he is much better to look at than a photo of a snake! (Amiright Ellen?!)

Hello Gus The Babysitter

Both Gus and Mazen have taken care of Birch in the past week :mrgreen: Gus was literally playing trucks with B, and Mazen rocked him to sleep before a nap recently. #myjobhereisdone

Goodbye being hungry at lunchtime

I placed a Plenty order for some provisions and this kale and salmon salad (with added pita chips!) was my favorite dish of the week.

Coming in second were these coconut fish cakes we had for dinner plus a caprese salad from our garden!

Hello Fall Beautycounter Convention!

This is how you work from home, y’all. Baby on your lap while virtual learning! We had our fall Counter Training lately and got a sneak peek into the 2020 Holiday Collection. There are so many amazing gift sets this year, and I cannot wait to share them!! If you are at all interested in linking arms with Beautycounter, give me a shout out. This is the most fun season of the year!

Goodbye Summer Food

(Just kidding. We eat burgers and grilled asparagus year round!!)

Hello Election Season

Remember to get your vote by mail ballot if you’re not going in person!